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A Leaking leaky Water Heater Has Caused Water Damage in My Wayne House. What Should I Do?

8/5/2020 (Permalink)

Flooded living room We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Call Water Damage Restoration Experts in Wayne to Handle the Water Damage.

When water seeps into your Wayne property, it can cause significant damage to your valuable contents and the structure of your home. It can promote electrical hazards and lead to mold growth if not handled on time. Therefore, it is essential to call professional restorers immediately you notice the leak, to prevent further damage.

What should I do before the professionals arrive?

SERVPRO technicians can respond fast to handle the water damage in your Wayne property. However, before the restorers get to your property, you can address the primary concerns. When water seeps into items of value, we advise property owners to:

    •    Remain calm to maintain clear thinking.
    •    Identify the source of the leak.
    •    Turn off the main water supply.
    •    Switch off the electricity if water has pooled in the house.
    •    Place aluminum foil under the feet of furniture that is in contact with water to prevent staining.

How do you inspect for water damage?

When we get to your property, our team inspects the affected area thoroughly to determine the extent of the damage. We can use penetrating moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras, or moisture sensors to check the moisture levels. The moisture intensity readings help us make informed decisions on which technique and equipment to use during the water removal and drying process.

How do you dry a water-damaged property?

Inadequate drying can lead to an unhealthy environment and expensive repairs. After removing the water, SERVPRO technicians use advanced equipment to dry the affected areas fast and effectively. We can use axial air movers, which move enormous volumes of air from outside into the affected area. The fresh and dry air increases the rate of evaporation, leading to faster drying of affected surfaces, including the hard to reach areas. Our restorers use dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air. We pay particular attention to the condition of plaster, wood, and wall finishes as well as other elements of a building that water has affected to ensure thorough drying.

After a water intrusion incident in your property, contact technicians from SERVPRO of Wayne at (973) 546-4977 for effective restoration services. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

What Can I Expect from Full-Service Fire Restoration in My Pompton Lakes Home?

7/26/2020 (Permalink)

green boxtruck seen through a window After a Pompton Lakes fire, homeowners love to see our SERVPRO Green Fleet on the Scene for Cleanup and Restoration

Keeping Property Owners Informed Every Step of the Way Is Crucial to How SERVPRO Completes Fire Restoration in Pompton Lakes

The property damage from a household fire in Pompton Lakes needs professional attention even if the blaze was extinguished quickly, and the harm seems minimal to your eyes. Fire damage residues move throughout your home and cause long-lasting damage and persistent deterioration if not removed fast. Restoration tasks can involve many different skilled disciplines, requiring the workers completing them to have specific training and appropriate gear and equipment. The broad outlines of what fire damage restoration specialists manage are outlined below.

Why Is There So Much Water and What Should Be Done with It?

Although you used a chemical extinguisher to bring the flames under control, when the firefighters arrived, vast quantities of water joined the foam. Fire damage restoration in Pompton Lakes necessarily starts with water and extinguisher chemical containment and removal. Until the wet floors and collected pools of water exit the scene, other fire restoration measures cannot commence. The primary reason to bump water damage to the top of the work agenda is safety. Excess water can create many risks, including the following which must be contained for the good of all you and your family and our workers:

  • Slip, trip, and fall hazards, including charred debris impossible to see beneath contaminated waters
  • Electric shock or electrocution
  • Illness or injury from contaminated water
  • Structural weakness and imminent collapse from water trapped over ceilings and in other building cavities
  • Weakening of wood and metal framing and other structural supports such as subfloors, stairs, and door and window frames
  • Disruption of hazardous building materials previously contained such as asbestos and lead (usually on painted surfaces)
  • Mold growth and damage

Can We Skip Drying to Clean Up the Smoke Residues?

The answer is negative because the damage unresolved moisture does is the equal of fire damage, including the risk of mold growth if drying delays more than 24 to 48 hours. The SERVPRO team is creative, however, using the water damage phase, including drying time, to evaluate soot residues and do preliminary testing to ensure the cleaning products, tools, and methodology removes tough soot coatings efficiently and safely. We also can use containment with 1.6 mil polyethylene and air scrubbers to create smaller drying sections of the wet areas of the house as we also remove solid particulates from the air. Our crew sizes are scalable, allowing the project manager to assign technicians with certifications in different disciplines to different phases, steps, and tasks of the overall project. Drying in water damaged spaces happens while soot removal proceeds in rooms of the house affected by soot drift but not water and its harm.

How Is Soot Residue Removal Unlike Typical House Cleaning?

The compounds created when building materials heat and burn can be incredibly toxic and corrosive to the surfaces affected. Smoke can linger airborne for hours to days, impairing the air quality while workers try to remove residues and begin to address persistent odors. Our crews frequently must don extensive personal protective equipment (PPE), including respirators, masks, boots, gloves, suits, face-shields, and more to work safely in affected areas. Conventional cleaning products are inadequate to remove tightly adhered soot, particularly protein-based residues from kitchen fires. We review our IICRC strategies to match different types of soot and surfaces with cleaning products, tools, and methods. This ensures the cleaning is effective but does not damage the underlying surface.

What Is That Smell? How Are Odors Managed During Fire Damage Restoration?

One of the discouraging issues experienced as fire restoration draws to a close can be lingering odors from the smoke and soot. If deep cleaning and debris disposal does not eliminate all of the malodors, we have innovative equipment and protocols that can get rid of fire damage smells for good:

  • Thermal fogging -- heated deodorants disperse, recreating the fire conditions, pairing with odiferous particles to neutralize them
  • Ozone machines -- oxidation eliminates odors while occupants and pets evacuate for a short time
  • Hydroxyl generators -- created by UV light, hydroxyl radicals break down the molecular structure of odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Sealants prevent odors deeply absorbed into structural components from vaporizing

Hire SERVPRO of Wayne with complete confidence for fire restoration. We are trained, experienced, and well-equipped, available today, tomorrow, and into the future for your concerns and questions at (973) 546-4977.

A Burst Pipe Has Left Me Dealing With Water Damage in My Wayne Home. Where Do I Get Help?

7/25/2020 (Permalink)

Flooded living room You can count on SERVPRO of Wayne for effective water cleanup services.

Hire SERVPRO Technicians in Wayne for Water Cleanup Services.

Water can cause extensive damage to your property’s structure, furniture, and upholstery. Restoring your Wayne property all by yourself without proper tools and equipment can cause more damage. Therefore, it is essential to hire licensed, skilled, and experienced restorers.

How far can water travel?

Water can seep into ceilings, drywall, floors, and furniture, among other valuable structures and contents. Contacting professional restorers to perform water cleanup in your Wayne property quickly is critical. If you ignore a water loss incident for some time, the degree of damage can rise exponentially. When we get to a home, we concentrate on saving as many materials and items as possible and preventing further damage.

Why should I involve professionals?

At SERVPRO, we have a licensed team of experts who have undergone thorough training in:
    •    Assessing affected property
    •    Determining salvageable and unsalvageable items
    •    Cleaning up the affected area
    •    Drying the affected materials
    •    Removing contaminants from your home

Apart from that, it is risky to get into an area affected by water damage since there might be uninsulated electrical wiring that is exposed to water. It may cause electrocution or fire. Our team has handled many different cases of water damage during the years we have been in business. Therefore, your property’s condition cannot intimidate us.

What damage can mold cause in a property?

After water damage, it takes less than 48 hours for mold to rear its ugly head. Poor moisture extraction can cause the mold to multiply quickly. As the mold grows, it releases small spores into the air that one can quickly inhale without noticing. Mold can cause health issues to the people who live in your home. Our technicians can dry and sanitize every inch of the flooded area properly to prevent mold growth.

How do you remove water and moisture?

At SERVPRO, we utilize cutting edge techniques and advanced equipment and products during the water cleanup process. After assessing the damage, our team can determine the best and most efficient method to dry your home. Depending on the water levels, we can use a portable electric submersible pump to extract the water.

Our team also takes measures to increase air circulation to expedite the drying process. We can achieve this by using venting box fans. The equipment increases air circulation, increasing the rate of evaporation. Our technicians also position dehumidifiers strategically in a water-damaged house to allow the humid, and moist air within the house to be moved to the units and the dry war air discharged from the units to be circulated back to the ruined areas.

Do not reschedule your plans due to water damage. Count on SERVPRO of Wayne for effective water cleanup services. Talk to us today at (973) 546-4977. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

How Do I Clean Up My Pompton Lakes Home Following a Flood?

7/12/2020 (Permalink)

water sitting in a new kitchen area Flood damage can quickly damage your home. You may need to get professionals involved to clean up the damage. Call SERVPRO right away.

When a Flood Inundated Your Pompton Lakes Home, You Need the Assistance of Trained Flood Water Removal Specialists to Clean It Up

Pompton Lakes offers the perfect balance of suburban and rural living.  It is in a picturesque part of northwestern New Jersey, surrounded by lakes, parks, and state forests.  The area’s many lakes offer residents of the township numerous recreational opportunities in the warmer months, but also increase local risks of storm-related flooding.  This threat is only magnified by the fact that, annually, the region suffers the effects of numerous powerful storms and has extended rainy periods.  Devastating hurricanes routinely rampage up the East Coast in the summer and fall, rapidly dropping inches of rain on the township.  The winter and spring months are no better, though, because nor’easters often bring with them torrential downpours that are just as bad.

What Can Be Done to Avoid Flood-Related Losses?

Although it may seem impossible to avoid or overcome flood damage, there are ways of doing it. SERVPRO, a local Pompton Lakes flood water removal service, recommends taking the following measures to limit your risks of flood-related problems:   

  • Before leaving your home as a storm approaches, prevent potential explosions and electrocutions by turning off your gas and electric utilities
  • Inspect your roof for damage and have any that you find repaired to prevent roof leaks
  • Make sure your gutters are clean so that they do not trap water that can seep into walls and cause damage
  • Cover windows and openings with plywood to protect against storm-blown projectiles and prevent water from entering your home
  • Repair and seal any foundation damage, so that floodwaters cannot flow into your home through cracks
  • Cut tree branches that could harm your house during a storm
  • Strategically sandbag the perimeter of your property to keep flood waters out

Many times, if you take these actions before the arrival of a major flooding event, you can prevent a considerable amount of damage.  However, sometimes it is impossible to prevent flood damage, and that is when you need professional assistance.  Rest assured, though, that floodwater removal services like SERVPRO can help you overcome the disastrous effects of flooding.

How Does SERVPRO Remove Floodwaters from Homes?

Often, within a few hours of calling SERVPRO, our specialists arrive on-site to begin removing floodwaters from your home.  Using their advanced training and specialized gear, they:

  • Remove standing waters with submersible pumps and commercial-strength extractors
  • Determine a drying goal and establish a plan of action to achieve it
  • Dry the general interiors of your house with high-velocity fans, air movers, and dehumidifiers
  • Use injectidry systems, connected to air mover-dehumidifier networks, to eliminate moisture behind walls and ceilings
  • Determine when the drying goal has been reached by periodically measuring interior moisture levels with moisture meters and thermohygrometers

These measures generally remove all excess moisture from your home, returning it to its original dry state.  However, there are other steps we take to combat the microbial threats present in floodwaters.

What Does SERVPRO Do to Eliminate Harmful Microbes?

Floodwaters, classified as “black water,” are usually contaminated with various harmful waste products like human and livestock feces, dead animal remains, and hazardous medical refuse.  As a result, these waters carry various harmful microorganisms that can cause negative health effects and further harm your house.  This is why it is necessary to have a properly credentialed and experienced service remediate this issue for you.  In order to neutralize microbial threats, SERVPRO technicians:

  • Expertly remove and dispose of hazardous waste and impacted items
  • Professionally clean and disinfect affected surfaces with EPA-approved disinfectants
  • Pressure wash and treat impacted structural elements with antifungals to prevent future dry rot
  • Further disinfect and deodorize your home with state-of-the-art thermal and ultra-low volume (ULV) foggers  

Usually, these efforts make your home safe to live in again and help prevent long-term flood-related damage.

Living in northwestern New Jersey gives you access to a diverse array of activities.  While you are not so far from the city, you still have access to the recreational opportunities afforded by your proximity to so many parklands and lakes.  Of course, life here is not all sunshine and rainless rainbows, as the area can be quite stormy and prone to flooding.  With this in mind, remember to always keep up on your home maintenance and to take preventative measures whenever powerful storms approach.  Also, it is advisable to research what local flood water removal and remediation services are available prior to severe weather.  This way, you should be better prepared if you are ever impacted by flooding. 

With all that said, know that if flooding does one day impact your residence, local help is available.  Call SERVPRO of Wayne at (973) 546-4977 for assistance. 

Click here for more information about Pompton Lakes.

How Can I Efficiently Dry My Damaged Wayne Café?

6/23/2020 (Permalink)

tablet containing the software program for the ERP SERVPRO Mitigates and Dries Water Damaging Events to Commercial and Industrial Sites in the Greater Wayne Area. Call about Our ERP Plan!

By manipulating drying elements, we can find the blend of conditions that creates the most efficient drying and recovery for your business.

We provide fast and reliable responses to water losses in Wayne businesses like your cafe. Because situations can develop with no warning, from a plumbing breach to an overflowing sink in the prep areas or bathrooms, you have to have a plan in place that can designate the right professional restoration team to help you recover the loss quickly. With a 24/7 response to emergencies and pre-stocked trailers full of water restoration tools and equipment, our SERVPRO team can help.

There is a finite amount of time to address water damage in your Wayne cafe before the losses become so widespread and problematic that your doors have to close temporarily. Our objective with our fast response is to set up containment barriers to designate a specific drying zone to more directly manipulate elements of moisture removal and evaporation.

What Factors Are Involved in Efficient Drying Processes?

With the training that our water restoration technicians (WRT) and structural drying (ASD) professionals undergo through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), we have extensive knowledge of the theory of water drying. The science behind manipulating various factors to achieve a more efficient drying objective changes rapidly in every situation. This change means that the balance in this containment area of your business needs to get continually monitored for effectiveness. The three primary areas that affect the drying process are:

  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Air Flow

How Can SERVPRO Professionals Regulate Humidity?

Reducing the humidity in the cafe helps in more than just improving the pace of drying in the established zone. A lower moisture content level prevents the warping and distortion of furniture like stools, prevents bloating of fiberboard cabinetry or countertops, and reduces the likelihood of microbial threats. Regulating the moisture content in the drying zone established by our responding technicians involves using several sophisticated tools and equipment:

  • Desiccant Dehumidifiers
  • Low-Grain Refrigerant (LGR) Dehumidifiers
  • Evaporative Drying with Air Movers  

Can Varying Temperatures Impact the Drying of Water Damage?

As you might suspect, higher temperatures can help to make evaporation more efficient in the drying areas. Since the point of containment is to allow you to continue functioning in a limited capacity while restoration gets underway, you cannot increase the comfortable operating temperatures of your cafe to suit this need. Instead, our technicians rely on portable electric heaters and other devices to manipulate the surface temperature of target materials and contents in the drying zone.

Much of this drying and noise can happen after you have closed your doors for the day to limit the stress on your patrons as much as possible. While specific mitigation steps might be necessary, like extraction of standing water to protect the structure and prevent further complications, much of the restoration work that your cafe needs can happen after hours.

How Can We Manipulate Airflow to Dry the Café Faster?

The movement of air is an essential mechanic to drying up saturated elements, reducing moisture content, and addressing other concerns that could result from water exposure in your business. Even with the efficiency and direct airflow that air movers can provide, they are often a louder addition to the restoration process. Much of the tools to promote drying from surfaces get used when we are not disturbing your customers or your business. Some of the popular choices for effectively providing evaporation include:

  • Air Movers - High-velocity fans in our inventory can isolate specific damaged materials and hit them with a direct and consistent blast of heated air. 
  • Positive Pressure Systems - By making small drill holes behind the baseboard in the damaged room, we can insert hoses to push dry air into structural cavities to prevent unnecessary tear-out.
  • Containment - Containment is one of the fundamental factors of this drying science, as a smaller work area can help target wet materials and contents more directly. 

When Can I Get My Doors Back Open After a Loss?

While our technicians work hard to prevent your cafe's temporary closures, these situations are sometimes unavoidable when the migration of water losses has affected a substantial area. We can work quickly to extract, dry, and restore your business to limit the time that you remain closed to your customer base.

Unexpected water loss incidents can be a threatening presence to your business, but our SERVPRO of Wayne professionals can help. You can give us a call today at (973) 546-4977 to begin the restoration of the damage to your shop or to set up an Emergency READY Profile Plan (ERP) to be more prepared for disasters in the future. 

What Can Water Damage Experts do for My Soggy House in Wayne?

6/23/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment on the floor of a kitchen. Call SERVPRO today with your Wayne water damage.

Let SERVPRO show and explain to you how we can help your Wayne water damage. 

Instead of relying on your own sight when dealing with a spill, hiring a team of experienced water damage mitigation specialists in Wayne can be the deciding factor in your home’s favor. Water rapidly spreads into areas you cannot see, and as it does, it carries anything it passes. Different substances require different responses, as well, as do the different materials used to build your residence. 

What Makes a SERVPRO Technician More Qualified than a Homeowner?

Our technicians, especially our Applied Microbial Remediation Technician (AMRT) and Applied Structural Drying Technician (ASD) help property owners through initial mitigation, cleanup, and restoration of water damage in your Wayne home. Water causes harm to materials at different rates, even after it has evaporated into the air. Removing the water from the interior components of a residence, and drying everything, including the air, helps prevent damage from continuing.

Extensive training prepares SERVPRO technicians in the proper use of industry-grade equipment, letting us finish the work required rapidly. Many of these items are not available, nor cost-effective, for most homeowners. On a typical water damage-related job, we use:

  • Air movers,
  • Desiccant machines,
  • Application spray equipment,
  • Water detection devices,
  • Extraction machines of various types, and 
  • Equipment pieces designed to produce heat, air, or a combination.

Why is My Fan not Good Enough to Deal with a Washer Leak or a Clogged Sink?

Drying out the surface and exposed areas can leave you with a sense of false security. While it might seem proactive, enclosed areas (under stairs and cabinets) won’t dry out fast enough to keep mold from starting to grow. Also, materials sandwiched in between the floor and the ceiling of any downstairs areas need more than drying of the exterior surfaces. Our equipment can find hidden water. Then we can remove it, making air drying  more efficient (faster completion of the job means less expense, less damage, and less inconvenience). 

Dial (973) 546-4977 to reach qualified water damage technicians at SERVPRO of Wayne for such emergencies. We also assist property owners between North Haledon, NJ, Wayne, NJ, and West Milford, NJ with emergencies affecting their house or other building.

How Do I Get the Smoke Odor Out of My Pompton Lakes Restaurant?

6/8/2020 (Permalink)

empty cafe. chairs and tables ready for diners Restaurant fires can shudder your business. SERVPRO is equipped to restore your restaurant. Call us today!

SERVPRO Uses Proper Technique and Products to Remove Odors 

The biggest issue following most fires in Pompton Lakes is that of odor. Often, even if firefighters or workers quickly put out the fire, a smell can remain indefinitely until adequately addressed. It is essential to understand what causes the malodor and how to remove it. 

It Was Only a Kitchen Fire, Why Does it Smell So Bad?

Protein Fires Create Pungent Odors 

When dealing with fire restoration in your Pompton Lakes restaurant, it is crucial to understand that there are different types of residues. Unfortunately, protein fires caused by burning fish or meat, cause a practically invisible residue but a strong odor. Even if the fire only occurred in the kitchen, your entire restaurant may smell after a protein fire. 

What Are Some Other Factors that May Contribute to the Smell and Amount of Residue? 

  • Air pressure: Hot air from the fire expands, allowing the smoke to reach every nook and restaurant's cranny.
  • Impingement: Hot air can move at a higher velocity, causing turbulence that splatters on surfaces like walls, making residues more challenging to remove.
  • Amount of Moisture: If the sprinkler system activated or there was moisture in the air, condensation may set the residues into kitchen surfaces, making them harder to remove. 

How Do Technicians Tackle the Odor? 

  • Surfaces throughout the restaurant must be thoroughly cleaned with grease-removing solvent to remove the odor-causing residue.
  • Technicians may employ air purification equipment such as an oxidizer to clean the air.
  • Technicians often use fogging equipment to recreate a smoke-like substance that attacks smoke molecules and either neutralizes or absorbs them for cleaning purposes. 

For assistance after a fire, contact SERVPRO of Wayne anytime, day or night, at (973) 546-4977. We make it "Like it never even happened." 

More about Pompton Lakes.

Are Water Losses in the Home Permanent?

5/27/2020 (Permalink)

water damage living room Call SERVPRO of Wayne to mitigate your water damage issues at home.

Permanent Losses Can Occur as the Result of Untreated Water Damage. Contact SERVPRO to Mitigate Structural and Contents Loss at Your Wayne Property

Water loss occurs when home appliances malfunction, plumbing fails, or external forces like heavy rainfall lead to large quantities of moisture intruding into the home. Wayne residents may find the quickest solution to potential problems is to use professional restoration technicians. Drying and cleaning a property efficiently can reduce odor, microbial growth, and structural damage. Frequently, contents are restorable and decrease the need for you to source expensive replacements.

When should I seek professional help for water losses?

Once the amount of water in your Wayne property goes beyond a reasonable cleaning scope, it is time to bring in professional assistance. Unlike other kinds of property damages, water can get significantly worse in a short period. The timeframe for water losses is particularly sensitive because of the way moisture can interact with, and harm, structure or contents. It can be overwhelming facing large scale water loss. SERVPRO technicians are here to put a sound and efficient strategy in place for restoring your property from start to finish.

What preparation should I do before restoring water damage?

- Set up a clear staging area were for tools and equipment. This staging area helps to make the workload more manageable and prevents you from cross-contaminating other rooms by traveling to and fro for equipment.
- Put in place safety protocols in the house, which is especially vital in loss sites dealing with contamination.
- Create solid engineering controls to avoid spreading water throughout the home. These controls may include establishing de-contamination areas or sealing affected areas of the home. Other engineering controls may consist of foot traffic avoidance in the affected area to prevent contamination from spreading on footwear or clothes

How do I stop water losses?

The most effective measure of preventing water loss is to extract it from your home as quickly as possible. Extracting water can become complicated if debris, specks of dust, or silts contaminate contents and structure. If large amounts of water are outside the home, for example, in groundwater flooding, then they're a risk of structural collapse from hydrostatic pressure. SERVPRO can control structural harm by pumping out two feet of water with regular cooling-off periods and inspections to ensure there is no loosening of mortar or jointing. We may need to sanitize water before pumping it out of the home to avoid contaminating waste waterways.

What do I need to do to prevent secondary water damage?

Controlling humidity is an essential aspect of any water restoration because it prevents the buildup of microbial bacteria, viruses, and fungi. But high humidity levels can also lead to water migration into unaffected areas of your home. One way to manage humidity is to use negative air pressure. Negative air pressure can be applied with the use of Air Filtration Devices (AFDs) with exhaust ducting set-up through a nearby window or doorway. In most situations, humidity control should be in use once it is safe to bring equipment into the affected area.

What building materials get harmed by contaminated water losses?

- Flooring. Hardwood flooring can frequently be restorable, although carpets, which quickly absorb contamination and water exposure, should be detached and removed from the affected area along with the carpet pads.
- Trim at the bottom of walls like baseboard as well as door and windows can become contaminated quickly but is relatively inexpensive to replace.
- Ceilings and walls may need to be removed after exposure to contamination levels category two and above. Removal can be complicated requiring razor knives, drywall saws, rotary saws or Kett saws
- Your heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems may become compromised in category two and three water emergencies. In these situations, it is necessary to dissembled for affected components to be containable or removable.

What can I salvage from a water emergency?

Most valuable contents are salvageable, provided water exposure is limited, and cleaning or drying procedure is underway. SERVPRO technicians can use high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) fitted vacuums to remove dry dust or debris from items. Once vacuuming is complete, we may also apply chemical agents to return your items to their preloss condition. We can control the spread of micro-organisms by using disinfectants or appropriate biocides on materials. To avoid causing further harm, our technicians always pre-test chemical cleaning agents on contents to ensure that they do not respond negatively to the cleaning method.

Controlling water losses relies on timely intervention as well as expertise and equipment. To prevent water damage from becoming permanent, contact SERVPRO of Wayne at (973) 546-4977 today.

How Do I Get this Water Leak in My Kitchen Cleaned Up?

5/22/2020 (Permalink)

A woman and child dancing in a kitchen. Water damage can get bad real quick, let SERVPRO help you get back to making memories back in your Wayne kitchen.

Many Wayne Homeowners Rely on SERVPRO for Water Extraction and Restoration 

It's Who We Are

Most homeowners in Wayne are not forced to move out of their homes following a water leak. Our timely and effective service can mitigate water damage.

What to Do With This Water Leak

Water leaks in a kitchen area are common. These water drips leading to spillage do happen. However, if you do not deal with them in a timely fashion, there could be trouble. Mold and mildew often accumulate in areas that are damp. To ensure that the water leak in Wayne kitchen does not cause this kind of damage, you can call SERVPRO.

What Kind of Tools Do We Use?

There are many devices that we use to remove the pooling water. The following is a comprehensive list:

-Portable extractors: We use these to get rid of the pools. These are smaller tools that are in line with minor messes.

-Drying mats: These increase suction especially on hardwood floor planks, joints, and supporting floor joists.

-Extraction wands: Extraction wands have strong suction power.

 -Truck-mounted pumps: We employ these to get out larger patches of water. Sometimes you need to really get out a sizable amount of water.

-Dehumidifiers: These are used after the clean-up to prevent water from pooling again.

Can Your SERVPRO Team Minimize the Damage to Your Contents?   

We strive to clean-up and restore, not replace, building elements, fixtures, and personal belongings whenever possible. We understand that water damage can take a toll on your well-being and we do our best to work quickly to make you feel, “Like it never even happened.”   

SERVPRO of Wayne can respond rapidly to any size of a disaster. We will help you minimize any damage to your possessions.  We can help 24/7 when you call (973) 546-4977.

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Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned – a defensive cleaning program

5/20/2020 (Permalink)

Table tent signs describing the Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned program on top of a wooden table. Our defensive cleaning program gives your business a way forward by providing your employees and customers ongoing safety and assuredness.

Let us help you get back to business

As our communities re-open in Wayne, we’re all moving back toward a new kind of normal. The expectations of visitors, customers, and employees who come into our establishments have evolved, and staying safe and well is a top concern. The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed what it means to be clean, and we’ve developed a program to help your business meet the new higher standard of clean that is now expected.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned is a defensive cleaning program we’re offering to businesses and commercial locations to address the current COVID-19 pandemic. This proactive viral pathogen cleaning program goes well beyond janitorial or carpet cleaning. By choosing Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, you, your employees, your customers, and your community can rest assured that you’ve selected a higher cleaning standard – you are Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.

Extensive training and specialized products

As the #1 choice in cleanup and restoration*, we stand on more than 50 years of experience and expertise to help your business become Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.  Beyond fire & water, SERVPRO professionals are trained and experienced in biohazard decontamination and chemical spills – always adhering to the cleaning and decontamination standards set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local authorities. 

From formulating and creating our proprietary cleaning products, like SERVPROXIDE, at our headquarters in Gallatin, TN, to taking the utmost care while disinfecting, we will ensure you and your business are set up to inspire consumer confidence as the economy continues to reopen.

3 C’s – Consult, Clean, and Certify

When the stakes are this high, you want a partner who has developed an industry leading, proprietary training program, cleaning solutions, and remediation processes over decades. We’ve cleaned up some of the most challenging biohazards imaginable. Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned reflects our unique experiences and capabilities. The program is grounded with our unique 3 C’s: Consult, Clean, and Certify.

  • Consult – Every business is different, which is why you’ll be assigned a Cleaning Protocol Consultant who understands your business and will create a cleaning program to meet your specific needs. This program will be developed based on your business type, size of space, amount of high frequency touchpoints, foot traffic and congestion points.
  • Clean – Based on your specific business needs, your location will undergo a thorough, deep clean, using exclusive cleaning products, according to protocols set forth by the CDC. Our employees have years of experience, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff perform. Cleanup procedures generally include cleaning of porous and non-porous surfaces, disinfecting of non-porous surfaces, cleaning and disinfecting of equipment, tools, and/or supplies used for cleanup process, and disposal of hazardous materials.  In the event of a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 event, we will be there cleaning within 24 hours to ensure you get back to business as quickly as possible. 
  • Certify - Once your business location has been Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, you will gain access to proprietary signage, digital emblems, and other collateral that communicates that you’ve selected a higher standard of clean available to help protect your employees and customers. And because we add the day, month, and year to that proprietary stamp of clean, your guests will know that not only did you choose Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, but that your location is being cleaned regularly at this standard.

Call today for a Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned consultation

We’re Here to Help – 24 hours a day, seven days a week – until life is back to normal in the communities we all call home.

Call SERVPRO of Wayne today at (973) 546-4977 for your Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned consultation.

* #1 Choice in cleanup & restoration based Commercial Attitude & Usage Tracking study. Polling 816 commercial business decision makers on first choice for future needs related to cleanup & restoration work. Study conducted by C&R Research: October 2019

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned means professionally trained SERVPRO franchises perform the requested cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection services according to proprietary SERVPRO protocols and recognized industry and CDC standards with EPA approved cleaning products to deliver a SERVPRO certified cleaning experience.  Each SERVPRO franchise is independently owned and operated.