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Fire Damage in West Milford? SERVPRO can Lead you Through the Restoration Process

11/12/2019 (Permalink)

fire damaged foyer Fire damaged possessions require differing types of cleaning. SERVPRO'S skilled team can determine the best plan for complete restoration.

Assessing Fire Damage in West Milford To Determine the Next Steps 

The structure of your West Milford home can take on significant damage during a fire. All of your personal belongings and cherished heirlooms can also suffer from the heat of the flames and smoke penetration. A SERVPRO crew can come in to address your needs for remediation as well as all of the restoration costs involved to get your interior back to normal. 

We have a variety of methods that can be used to clean any soiled household items when soot and fire damage in West Milford occurs. Once you call us, we can send a team out to sort through your belongings, placing them into groups. Our team categorizes according to the damage sustained as well as the type of material. 

Our technicians separate Items that need wiping down or simple cleaning into one group. These are usually items that may require cleaning with a dry sponge or a gentle cleaning followed by a rinse. Such methods work best on dishes, fine china, and other non-porous materials. Lightly vacuuming cleans items like books, and rugs and carpeting require adequate restoration using soot-battling agents. 

For the electronic equipment in your home, our building department can work to identify fire damage caused by soot deposits, heat, smoke, and water from the firefighting process. SERVPRO recommends turning on none of your electronics until they are thoroughly examined to help eliminate the chance of a short that can lead to permanent damage. 

We can treat some possessions your home at our facility, which we put into boxes to help protect from breaking during transport and storage. A sheet with detailed inventory for each box is used to ensure all of your items get returned to you after fire damage remediation. This CCIS Contents Claim Inventory Service catalogs non-salvageable items and helps for pack-outs for content cleaning off-site at our facility. 

You can count on our trained professionals at SERVPRO of Wayne whenever you need help after suffering a fire loss. Contact us anytime at (973) 546-4977 for all of your fire and water cleanup and restoration needs. 

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SERVPRO Administers Safe and Thoughtful Fire and Smoke Restoration at West Milford Commercial Properties

10/25/2019 (Permalink)

Young five year old girl wearing a fireman's hardhat and holding a hose Cute, But for Fire Damage Restoration at a West Milford Preschool, Call SERVPRO

Commercial Fire Damage Puts Private West Milford Preschools in Crisis

A fire that happens in one of the offices at your West Milford preschool is much different than one occurring in the kitchen. Hopefully, a fire that starts in the kitchen from food cooking never gets doused with water like a paper-based fire can. Spraying water on cooking or electrical fires can aggravate the problem instead of solving it.

Different types of fire in your West Milford facility require different types of commercial fire damage mitigation and cleanup. Both types need us to secure the area before we begin, including electrical and other safety issues that require stabilizing.

If water was used, in either type of fire, we need to extract that moisture before we can begin cleaning and restoring. Without it, damp conditions would continue behind newly installed materials and within enclosed spaces, eventually leading to destructive and expensive problems in the future.

We want to make everything “Like it never even happened” for you. Also, fire, if children see it or experience an evacuation, can become fearful of returning. We can make it so no traces of the fire, including odors, exist to bring forth bad memories in your students.

The educational materials you used to teach your student body, as well as mats for nap time, activities, and other facets of the typical day at your preschool, can get ruined during a fire. Whenever we come across things that cannot get wet without becoming water-damaged, we list these on an inventory sheet to make it possible for you or your staff to replace them with equivalent items quickly.

Things that we can get clean for you and restore them to preloss condition through different techniques can help get your preschool open again soon. Objects made of durable plastic-like toys can get stripped of soot in an ultrasonic water bath. Walls and doors need special treatments with dry sponges, as well as ceilings and trim.  

The areas near the corners between walls and ceilings can experience an electrical charge build-up, continually attracting soot particles. We use special cleaners that stop this from happening, so walls stay clean. Our air scrubbers and our Odor Control Technician's (OCT) fogging agents also help stop this from happening.

Carpeting also needs odor control but we do this through efficient carpet cleaning. Not only do we clean the soot that fell onto the floor and permeated the carpet, but it also removes the odor and replaces it with much nicer smells that young children often find enjoyable. If allergies are a concern, we ask that you discuss this with our staff. They are highly skilled in using alternative, unscented products, as well.

SERVPRO of Wayne helps all kinds of businesses near Pompton Lakes, Ringwood, and Haledon recover swiftly from disasters like fire damage. If you need a flexible and highly qualified mitigation and restoration team, call us 24/7 at (973) 546-4977. We are here every day of the year.

Our Water Damage Professionals Provide Environmentally Conscience Cleaning in Your West Milford Home

10/20/2019 (Permalink)

Living room with white couch floating in a pool of water Give our technicians a call today at (973) 546-4977.

Environmentally Conscience Cleaning in West Milford Homes

One of the areas that set our brand apart from our competition is our fixation on the creation of powerful cleaning, disinfection, and deodorization products used in West Milford and around the rest of the country. Our growing inventory of these impressive products has been instrumental in protecting damaged homes and getting homeowners back into their properties after even widespread water loss conditions displaced the family.

Water cleanup in West Milford involves multiple approaches, including removing residues, clearing out debris, and cleaning the house with the best possible agents for the situation. Protecting the environment has been a focus of the past many years, and it has led to the creation of powerful cleaning agents and industrial-grade solvents that get constructed through a botanical foundation. Products like our Benefect cleansers can help with the cleaning of water-damaged homes in several ways.

Powerful Cleaning
Many believe that with a new formulation of disinfectants, antibacterial, and cleaners, the quality of the product suffers as a result. Though admittedly not as directly effective as some of our quaternary compounds, chlorine-based products, or the phenolics, it does not have the same undesirable effects as these options, either. Botanicals are a powerful option that can still get the job done.

Softer Scents
One of the undesirable effects of other types of cleaning products our SERVPRO team has in its inventory is the strong and sometimes hazardous odors they have. With poor ventilation, products like chlorine can be very damaging to restorers and homeowners, making the use of botanicals a wise and more pleasant option instead.

Environmentally Friendly
As you might expect, the harsher the chemical footprint of a cleaning product, the worse it becomes for the environment. One of the advantages of using botanical products is the composition of thymol or citric acid, both of which can degrade naturally.

We choose the products that best suit the situation and the people involved and work to restore your home quickly after water loss incidents. You can count on the continued development of new cleaning products and agents, and the fast response of our SERVPRO of Wayne team when it matters most. Give our technicians a call today at (973) 546-4977.

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Our Experts Discuss Our Fast-Dry Equipment For Pompton Lakes Water Cleanup

10/9/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage in a home We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster, and you can reach us 24/7 for help.

We Feature Fast-Dry Equipment For Pompton Lakes Water Cleanup

New Jersey homes are susceptible to potential water damage, whether from excessive rains or an appliance or piping emergency. Once a home suffers water damage, the potential for mold growth becomes a real concern that warrants prompt attention.

The team at SERVPRO is available to handle water cleanup in Pompton Lakes from dishwasher leaks to damaged piping underneath a bathroom sink. The key is shutting off the water supply to the area of the home where the water leak is present and calling the professionals to tackle the cleanup before the damage multiplies.

SERVPRO technicians arrive at your property to begin the assessment process so that water extraction may commence. We utilize thermal imaging technology to detect high moisture levels in the walls to pinpoint any areas that may remain undetectable to the naked eye. Further inspection of the baseboards and drywall allows us to implement a plan to allow the air to flow naturally into the wall cavity to shorten the drying time.

When it comes to water cleanup and getting ahead of the damage, SERVPRO technicians spend the time necessary to locate all water leaks to implement extraction processes. Cleanup is done before the drying phase so that our dehumidification and drying equipment effectively reduce the moisture levels to achieve drying goals.

We use drying equipment, known as air movers, that we place throughout the space strategically to achieve optimum airflow. Our air movers put out high-velocity airstreams that we angle carefully over surfaces within the home. This technique prompts water vapors that embedded within the walls to rise so that the dehumidification technology can capture it and remove it. Once the moisture removal process is complete, SERVPRO technicians work to clean all surfaces as a measure to inhibit the growth of mold.

Contact our team at SERVPRO of Wayne at (973) 546-4977 when you need water cleanup on your property. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster, and you can reach us 24/7 for help.

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For Mitigation of Water, Fire, Mold, and Storm Damage to Your Wayne Area Property, Make the Call to SERVPRO

9/29/2019 (Permalink)

Green Air Movers "Floating" a Carpet for Drying Count on SERVPRO for "Floating" a Carpet in Your Wayne Home. We Are a Premier Restoration Company!

Why SERVPRO of Wayne Is a Leading Home Restoration Service Provider for the Community

Running a successful restoration service involves cultivating a roster of service technicians with a broad collective knowledge for fire, water, mold, and storm-related loss incidents. Our owner, John E. Blehl has a career background as a loss adjuster which gives him inside knowledge of how property restoration works and what type of losses are most likely to be sustained in any particular category. Despite that, no two-loss recovery scenarios are the same, so SERVPRO technicians need to be able to use their training on the job and tailor their approach to the unique architecture or incidents in your home. It is our consistent commitment to staying ahead of the curve that has seen us gain a reputation in Wayne as a leading home restoration service.

Microbial growth fungi come in many shapes and sizes. Some molds can pose health risks, others may be unpleasant to smell or look at, but one consistent factor is that these microbes spread quickly without professional remediation. One of the more common types of mold damage found in Wayne properties is Alternaria. Alternaria thrives in areas where dampness naturally occurs. Its outward appearance is textured with green or brown hairs. You may find it in your bathtub, shower or beneath a leaking sink but it can also multiply in properties with water damage.

SERVPRO operates assessment and remediation services for your property that not only clear away evidence of mold growth but also addresses the underlying cause. Since molds spread fast, using professional restorations services in Wayne can give you peace of mind that the issue is not going to cause permanent damages to furnishings, walls or other areas of your home in Wayne. SERVPRO can fix the source of mold, prevent spreading, and clean the affected area to a pre-incident condition.

Removing mold from surfaces requires scrubbing as well as disinfectant cleaning agents. In completing the restoration service thoroughly, you may find discoloration to the surrounding paintwork or interior walls of fittings and finishes. SERVPRO technicians not only clear away soiling but can return to the property to repaint affected areas using anti-microbial paints that discourage mold growth and reduce the likelihood of repeat callouts.

Fire and Smoke Damage
It is common for homeowners with fire damage in their Wayne property to notice odors long after the initial damage is restored. We find that these situations are especially common when a minor fire restoration service is carried out by the homeowner themselves without professional assistance. Smoke odor particles are exceptionally stubborn and stick to walls, ventilation shafts, or reside inside furnishings, slow-releasing over time. Household air fresheners or scented candles can mask an odor but require constant replacement to maintain a clean smell.

SERVPRO include comprehensive odor control as part of our fire restoration service here in Wayne. The primary method of getting rid of a malodor is to remove the particles from home altogether. Our production trailers are stocked with portable air filtration devices for the sole reason of getting smoke odors out of your Wayne home. Air filtration, rather than the masking odor, has the added bonus of removing carcinogens like monoxide from the affected area.

Air filtration devices are also referred to as air scrubbers because they capture unwanted particles and circulate clean air in an indoor space, similar to an air conditioning unit. They consist of a pre-filter, to remove large particles, a carbon filter for gas and a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter to clear microscopic particles. These filtration units are effective against airborne particles only, which is why SERVPRO restoration services incorporate spray-on deodorizers as well as pellets to tackle odors that reside inside furnishings or fabrics.

Storm and Flooding
In Wayne, Large Loss recovery units operated by SERVPRO are usually reserved for violent weather events. These loss scenarios can result in a significant expense for homeowners with costs ranging from $500 up to $10,000 depending on the coverage area. One of the reasons storm damage to your Wayne home is so costly is flooding. Heavy rainfall, broken dams, or road overflow are just a few of the ways that large amounts of water can come rushing into your home. In these situations, the first twenty-four hours are crucial in preventing mold, rotting, and structural losses.

We do not recommend homeowner attempting to restore flooded properties themselves because there is a high risk of personal injury in entering. Weakened structure, contaminated waters, or electrical hazards are all possible in a flood situation. Contact your flood insurance provider immediately and, if you are confident that entering the property is low-risk begin to remove garbage or other debris that might cause further contamination. SERVPRO arrive promptly because we use local technicians who can carry out necessary mitigation procedure in the first twenty-four hours.

The first step for a SERVPRO restorer is to take furnishings or porous materials, including floor coverings, out of the affected area as quickly as possible. Standing water can be pumped out, and extractors brought in to combat the waterlogging issue. Our restoration services can clean and dry appliances to mitigate further loss, but a specialist repair service needs to be brought in to complete restoration of electrical goods. During service, we inventory, photograph, and report items in the home that are damage which can then be passed onto your insurance provider for a stress-free claims process.

Water Damaging Events
A clean water emergency can have a significant impact on the integrity of walls as well as support structures in your home. Standing water exerts significant pressure on the infrastructure of your home. As much as sixty pounds of pressure is exerted per square foot of water. That amount of pressure can harm floors, walls, and structure. Our restoration services take into account potential structural water damage to your Wayne property, and we can dispatch applied structural drying technicians (ASDT) to assess and repair losses. Many of our technicians are IICRC certified as WRT water damage restoration technicians. The Institute for Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification is the industry leader for best practices.

SERVPRO restoration services are dedicated to bringing your home in Wayne back to its preloss condition using our equipment, training and restoration acumen. Removing large quantities of water can be done efficiently with gas-powered pumps and water extraction units, which removes the sustained pressure on the structure of your Wayne home. Porous materials that come into contact with moisture act like a sponge absorbing moisture and expanding; in wooden floors, this can cause cupping, warping, or buckling.

We address high moisture content levels in materials by using desiccant dehumidifiers in combination with moisture meters for monitoring. This equipment allows SERVPRO technicians to reduce the humidity to below 40 grains per pint and draw moisture from porous materials. Regular measurements ensure structural components do not dry out completely and become permanently damaged. Once your home is adequately dry, we can begin the process of sanding out warped or cupped materials and refinishing them to a preloss condition.

SERVPRO of Wayne has a proven track record in performing the correct restoration services after fire, water, mold and storm damages. Contact us at (973) 546-4977 today for that "Like it never even happened," feeling.

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We Have The Experience And Expertise Necessary To Restore Your Wayne Home After A Fire

9/16/2019 (Permalink)

one of our technicians cleaning the stair rails in a home to get the soot off after a fire A puff-back occurs when a furnace misfires and pushes smoke throughout the house. Our technicians are trained to detail clean your home.

How Does Soot Affect Your Wayne Home and Its Occupants?

For as typical as the presence of soot might be after a Wayne housefire, there is still a great deal that homeowners do not know about this substance and how it can affect their properties. The better informed you can become about this threat, the more likely you are to appreciate the training and industry-leading equipment available to our professionals. We know the risks of soot exposure and want our potential customers to understand it as well.

We know that our SERVPRO team might not always be the choice that residents make to overcome fire damage in Wayne homes, but we still want to help people get their homes and businesses back to its original condition regardless. Part of what our team does with any recovery effort is to help educate our clients about the work happening and why specific steps are necessary to return your house to a preloss state.

Soot might appear as a black residue on surfaces throughout your home that you should presumably be able to wipe clean with soap and water, but this is seldom the case. There are multiple fire damages that this residue can allow, and the first of these occurs when uninformed residents attempt to clean the substance using conventional approaches. Smearing and staining are common for inadequate cleaning practices.

Because soot particulates are light and powdery in many cases, they can spread to surfaces like ceilings, and attach themselves throughout the ducts of an HVAC system traveling from one affected room to another. Soot particles can often be difficult to see circulating in your home, and when breathed in can lead to health effects to those exposed, including respiratory concerns and other potential problems.

Our SERVPRO professionals also aim to educate our customers and neighbors on the acidity of soot residue. For surfaces that could become coated with the soot that are susceptible to these damaging conditions, like the metal of ductwork, pipes, and other metal materials throughout your house, corrosion can be a costly secondary effect of soot exposure.

No matter if you choose our qualified and trained SERVPRO of Wayne professionals or not, we are here to help you overcome fire effects however you need us. We have years of experience that works to restore properties or provide an expert-level second opinion. Give us a call anytime at (973) 546-4977.

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We Use Advanced Techniques In West Milford To Offer Water Cleanup

9/12/2019 (Permalink)

Our Drying Equipment sitting in the flood after water damage hit a home Our equipment drying the sub floor in this home and framing following a water damage disaster.

Get Appropriate Water Cleanup for Your West Milford Residence to Prevent Additional Damage 

Water intrusion incidents are common and potentially destructive. The most common causes of water damage in West Milford homes are burst pipes, leaking faucets and malfunctioning appliances like dishwashers, water heaters, or washing machines. If you do not remove the excess water quickly, it may promote electrical hazards or lead to mold infestation.

When the worst happens, and you need water cleanup services in West Milford, you can trust the experts at SERVPRO. With one call, we can arrive at your home and provide specialist guidance on what you need to do. We have the experience and equipment to deal with the problem quickly. With our rapid response, we can help you restore your floors, personal possessions, and walls. We can arrive at your residence with confidence and knowledge backed by decades of field experience. Our water remediation techniques focus on removing moisture and promoting effective drying. You can expect the following when you use our water removal services:

Free estimates

Our experienced technicians can assess the water damage and provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate on how to restore your home to its preloss state.

Professional water extraction equipment

Our restorers use advanced techniques and professional-grade equipment to restore homes. We have portable extractors that remove water effectively. When extracting water from hard surfaces, our technicians use a squeegee attachment. When removing water damage from glue-down carpets, we use light wands or carpet wands. Light wands are also useful for extracting residue water on the surface of carpeting after we have used a stationary tool.

Advanced drying and moisture detection equipment

We use air moving equipment to improve evaporation at the surface level and minimize drying time. Our technicians can use axial air movers to dry your home. These devices move large volumes of air and can, therefore, cover large areas of affected materials. We also place dehumidifiers in a home to remove water vapor from the air. When drying a home, it is challenging to find all sources of moisture, especially in difficult to access areas. Our SERVPRO crew can use penetrating moisture meters to test for moisture beneath wood flooring and inside walls.

We work with your insurer

It is difficult to determine what your home insurance policy covers. We can work with your insurance firm to get much of the water loss covered and ensure a straightforward claims filing process.

When you need water cleanup services in Wayne, Pompton Lakes, or Ringwood, contact SERVPRO of Wayne at (973) 546-4977 for assistance. We can make the destruction seem “Like it never even happened.”

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DIY Storm Water Damage in Wayne can Become a DIY--DON'T!

8/28/2019 (Permalink)

mold growth behind wallpaper Stormwater damage can result lead to mold growth unless treated quickly. Call SERVPRO of Wayne to handle all of your water damage restoration needs.

Why Should Wayne Homeowners Outsource Storm Water Removal? 

When storm damage happens to your home, fast water removal action saves both your home and bank account from dealing with secondary issues that cost more money to resolve. A mistake many property owners have made is to assume because surfaces look dry, there is nothing more to do.

SERVPRO came to a homeowner's property with storm water removal needs in Wayne. The homeowner cleaned and dried what he assumed was all of the floodwaters that entered his home; however, a foul odor remained. Situations like this are not unusual, on self-cleanup from in-home floods. 

Common indicators there are areas of moisture left behind that require addressing include:

  • Musty odors that continue to grow in prominence
  • Signs of mold growth
  • Warping or buckling hardwood flooring or sheetrock
  • Tiles coming loose (Delamination) 

Our technicians use state of the art moisture detection equipment to locate flood water anywhere it migrates in your home. Our technicians scope behind walls and under flooring to determine the path of water.  They also ensure we eliminate every bit of excess moisture through the removal of the baseboards or other structural components for maximum airflow. 

Mold is a concern when there are high humidity conditions in a home. We use hygrometers to determine areas in the property where conditions are favorable for mold growth due to raised air moisture levels. Hygrometers enable us to set drying goals to below a humidity level to inhibit mold growth. Once located, our drying equipment includes both air movers and commercial dehumidifiers that accomplish what consumer-sized fans cannot match. 

In cases where water has been allowed to stand for any length of time often results in the need for odor control. Our technicians have access to numerous types of equipment to meet the needs of the property. Light odor control methods may include time-release gel pellets or more stout applications such as ultra-low-volume fogging for stubborn scents. 

Storm water removal needs to happen as quickly as possible and have a thorough cleanup. SERVPRO of Wayne at (973) 546-4977 is available 24/7 to extract the water and leave your property "Like it never even happened."

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We Get You Back In Business After A Water Damage Disaster In West Milford

8/21/2019 (Permalink)

commercial hallway with air dryers and dehumidifiers in place We have the state of the art equipment ready 24/7 to restore any damage big or small to your property.

Shave Time Off Water Removal at Your West Milford Salon

Water losses at your hair salon and spa in West Milford are disruptive to your stylists, estheticians, and, most importantly, to your clients. With so many water sources, from shampooing bowls, manicure and pedicure bowls and soaking basins, sinks for cleaning and disinfecting, restrooms, and washers/dryers for those fluffy towels it is surprising that water crises do not happen daily. If a plumbing break, an appliance malfunction, or a significant spill happens, get professional water extraction help. 

Overnight, your salon’s freshwater supply line burst, and at opening time, everyone was ankle-deep. To avoid canceling a whole day of appointments, request water removal from West Milford’s disaster recovery experts.

Our crew arrives with a fully-stocked service vehicle, ready with pumps and truck-mounted extractors. If your electricity is disconnected temporarily for safety, no delay in delivering our help is necessary. SERVPRO brings power generation options on every service call. Upon arrival, we make sure your main water connection is shut off, and consult with you about arranging repairs to the pipe through your landlord or directly if you own the building.

We then quickly assess the scenario and develop a plan. If any water damage on the premises is deeper than two inches, we start a gas-powered submersible pump in that area. We skim the surface with wanded extractors to pick up the remainder of the visible water.

Because most of your space is tiled, we hope little migration of water occurred. SERVPRO does not depend on wishes, however, so we use a thermal imaging camera to seek any hidden water. We also measure moisture levels in any porous structural components like baseboards to be confident when we begin drying procedures we neither under nor overdry.

After we are sure all liquid water is gone, air movers and dehumidifiers complete the moisture reduction to normal levels. Throughout this phase, we monitor ambient and structural moisture levels periodically. If you called SERVPRO immediately, chances are excellent styling and pampering are back on the menu fast. 

SERVPRO of Wayne is ready 24 hours a day to help mitigate and remediate water emergencies for our neighboring businesses. Call (973) 546-4977 anytime to schedule an assessment and project implementation.

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How Dishwashers in Wayne Cause Water Damage, and How to Prevent It

8/18/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO will have you back to your daily routine in Wayne in no time from water damage!

Don’t let your home appliances in your Wayne residents stop you.

2019 has been an atypical year for us so far. While most of our typical water damage problems have to do with leaks, pipe bursts, and floods that get out of hand, we have so far helped three local homeowners dealing with water damage from their dishwashers. While kitchen appliances can, like any object connected to a water line, spring leaks and possibly cause much larger spills, it is a bit unusual for us to see the same problem happen multiple times. Here's a brief overview of what water damage from your dishwasher might mean and how you can prevent it in the future.

How Dishwashers Cause Damage

The severity of the water damage to your Wayne home depends on how the appliance malfunctioned. A tiny leak can, over significant periods of time, cause substantial damage to your cabinets and floors. You should be able to apply on-the-spot repairs with the help of a commercially-available sealant product designed to resist and contain water.

Sometimes, however, much more substantial problems can arise with these appliances. Should a water line rupture or sustain an exceptionally large crack, it might start to flood the area. These are the situations where most people call for a professional damage mitigation company like SERVPRO. Drying up water quickly prevents costly long-term problems from arising and keeps repair costs low. However, we also get called in when long-term leaks cause problems such as oxidation and mold growth that require an expert touch to resolve.

Preventing Future Problems

Like we mentioned before, commercially-available sealant products can help to patch up many appliance-related issues without needing to call professionals. However, these are temporary fixes rather than long-term solutions. As your appliances age, the likelihood that they may malfunction and cause substantial home damage increases substantially. Any time you conduct maintenance or renovations on the appliance or anything surrounding it, you should check its water lines and connectors to look for signs of damage or leaks. Most models support aftermarket upgrades and replacements for these parts, allowing you to get more years of service out of your belongings without risking additional home damage.

When problems grow, and the situation seems overwhelming, SERVPRO of Wayne can help to control the situation and set up restorative processes to reverse the damage in your home. Call us 24/7 at (973) 546-4977.

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