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3/16/2020 (Permalink)

toilet with several pieces of green drying equipment Bathroom Flooding Got You Down? Call SERVPRO for Speedy Wayne Service

Removing Flood Damage from a Wayne Bathroom

In black water damage situations, like ground floods, homeowners in Wayne can expect to pay an average of $7 per square foot for cleanup services alone. Many porous materials require replacement after exposure due to the risks posed by chemicals, bacteria, and sewage carried in by floodwaters. This estimated cost does not even factor in the expenses needed to replace furniture, drywall, flooring, and electrical components.

If your Wayne home needs flood damage mitigation that can save you time, money, and stress, SERVPRO is ready to send a crew to your residence to get started right away. This team not only offers disaster cleanup but can also remediate mold and repair structures so that your home is restored as thoroughly as possible after a disaster. SERVPRO also uses specialized inventory systems to keep track of your belongings and can disinfect them off-site to minimize property losses while bolstering your insurance claim with comprehensive documentation.

Electricity Safety After Bathroom Flooding

  • If standing water in your bathroom has made contact with outlets, electrical devices, or power cords, stay away from the bathroom.
  • If you need to access the breakers, never do so if they are in a room filled with standing water. Call your utility company for assistance with shutting off the power.
  • Electrical appliances and tools should be at least ten feet away from wet surfaces to minimize electrical shock risks.
  • Have a licensed professional service wet electronics before trying to operate them. Do not attempt to turn on or use waterlogged devices yourself.

SERVPRO Sanitizes Your Bathroom

SERVPRO technicians can safely remove solid debris and waste, spray down surfaces with EPA-registered antimicrobials, and eliminate discoloration and microbial growth from tile grout with specialized cleaners. Technicians can use flood cuts approximately 12 inches above saturated drywall for wall cavity drying, insulation removal, and eventual replacement during structural restoration.

SERVPRO of Wayne restores homes with cleanup service that is Faster to Any Size Disaster. Call (973) 546-4977 to have an emergency response team at your home within hours of your initial contact.

Why We Are The Best Choice In Wayne City After A Water Loss

3/13/2020 (Permalink)

One of our technicians wearing a safety suit We have the safety gear necessary in some instances of water damage. Call our experts right away to stay safe and to prevent further damage.

Maintaining High Safety Standards during the Restoration of Water Damage Incidents in Wayne City

Water loss incidents present different safety challenges to house occupants, including children and pets. Sometimes the circumstances can be aggravated by the procedures followed during restoration. SERVPRO makes safe restoration of water-damaged properties, a priority.

Safety of the Worksite

Wide-ranging actions are necessary to keep a worksite safe during the restoration of water damage incidents in Wayne City. Our SERVPRO technicians start by planning the worksite, ensuring equipment and cleaning products are readily accessible but not exposed to children and pets. We achieve this by having a designated staging area, which can be a utility room, bathroom, or laundry room where possible. We take time to identify possible hazards such as slippery floors or cables and hoses, which can trip people as they move around the worksite.

Equipment safety

Water damage restoration requires the use of different equipment and cleaning products. Some may be used once, while others are used repeatedly. Proper planning helps guarantee safety for everyone that enters the worksite during the restoration. Our SERVPRO technicians take steps such as checking for nicks or cuts in power cords before plugging in electric equipment. We also ensure proper grounding by using GFCI, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters. We follow best practices when performing all tasks, including the simple ones. For instance, we avoid actions such as pulling on the cords to unplug equipment, which is not only dangerous but can also damage the power outlets in your home.

Product safety

The products used for cleaning or other procedures necessary when restoring water loss can be harmful to people or cause additional damages to the contents in the affected areas if mishandled. Our SERVPRO technicians follow product label instructions strictly when determining the amount to use, pH levels, dwell time, and ventilation requirements where necessary. When cleaning fabrics, we always pre-test a product before applying it over a massive area.

Secondary damages or injury to people can aggravate the loss after a water spill. Call SERVPRO of Wayne at (973) 546-4977 to help. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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The SERVPRO ERP Emergency READY Profile Plan Provides Wayne Property Owners with Means of Preventing Water Damage

2/22/2020 (Permalink)

image of ERP mobile app on a tablet SERVPRO Provides Vehicles and Even Software to Help Mitigate Water Damage in Wayne

Water Damage Wayne – Choosing a Water Restoration Company

Clients dealing with water damage situations do not have much time to research whom to call for help. Water is all over the floor. The client is worried about damage to their Wayne home or commercial space and the contents. Consumers may lose time at work, and business owners may need to close.

This is why SERVPRO should be your first choice for water damage recovery in Wayne and the surrounding areas. We respond in less than 4 hours from your initial call and are available on a 24 hour / 7 day a week basis. We have fully equipped trucks available to be dispatched to your home or business. We train our team members in water damage restoration, microbial remediation as well as additional courses for many other emergencies, including fire and smoke damage.

We work with your insurance company adjuster to help manage the insurance claim process and the paperwork. We discuss each step with you and your insurance company. If needed, we set up staging areas to store your content.

We equip SERVPRO trucks with the latest water removal extractors, moisture and humidity sensors, and drying equipment to ensure there is no moisture remaining. We avoid mold infestations by thoroughly drying your home and its contents.

Response time is critical. A fast response can limit the amount of damage and enable your home or business to be returned to you quickly. SERVPRO is committed to minimizing the response time to your location. We are also committed to helping our clients prepare for water damage. That's why we offer our free Emergency READY Profile Program (ERP.) When you create a SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile, the information in this profile can be used by both team members and clients to respond quickly.

There are tips for the homeowner as well as employees on what to do to minimize the damage. There is information about where shutoff valves are located. Are there keys needed for access? Our profile includes Insurance company information. SERVPRO offers superior response times and service to our customers.

Call SERVPRO of Wayne at (973) 546-4977 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Pompton Lakes, North Haledon, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Restoration Experts Talk About Drying Water Damaged Wooden Frames in Wayne Properties

2/21/2020 (Permalink)

Water damaged room showing flood cuts to dry the structure After a major water loss event, we made flood cuts to expose and dry the structure of this home.

Applied Structural Drying of Water Damage for Wooden Frames in Wayne Residential Properties

Construction engineers build most residential properties onto a wooden frame. These make up the composite structure of interior walls as well as staircases floors and ceilings. Crawlspaces allow underfloor access to these frames, but they exist throughout the structure of your home. In some water restoration projects, these essential structural elements can absorb moisture. Typically, these situations occur in severe water emergencies or when water saturates a property for several weeks before the homeowner realizes.

The impact of water damage in Wayne to the frame of your home can be hard felt. When water absorbs moisture, it expands, which can result in warping. These effects can threaten the structural integrity of your home and may become noticeable in the form of cracking plasterboard or ceilings. In extreme cases, SERVPRO technicians may need to remove drywall as well as insulation to assess the extent of damage to wood framing using a moisture meter.

The natural moisture content of the woods is around 12 percent. Above 16%, there is a possibility of mold growth, whereas long-term exposure to moisture above 20% can result in dry rot. Being able to access and dry a framework in the home can be an essential part of mitigating water losses. Fortunately, most woods reach a final saturation point where the wood can no longer absorb any moisture; however, failure to dry out the frame can cause significant harm to the structural integrity of your property.

It is not likely that the framework inside your home reaches a point of buckling beyond repair. Wooden frames that absorb large amounts of water do need professional restoration to return to a suitable dry level. SERVPRO can achieve this by increasing the temperature in the material using air-movers with heating elements as well as lowering the vapor pressure above the surface of the wood. At SERVPRO, we can mobilize qualified applied structural drying (ASD) technicians to ensure that the infrastructure of your home remains free from warping, dry rot, and mold growth.

Severe water emergencies can cause structural damage. Contact SERVPRO of Wayne at (973) 546-4977 for applied structural drying services.

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West Milford Homeowners use Expert Fire Damage Restoration Technicians to Avoid Causing Further Harm

2/3/2020 (Permalink)

Fire in a kitchen Our team of experts will restore your home to its original state. Call SERVPRO anytime at (973) 546-4977. We are always available.

We Understand How Serious Fire Damage Is When It Comes To Your West Milford Home

One common way for a house fire to occur is by leaving a stove unattended. Cooking fires make up nearly 50% of all house fires in the US. Often the fire itself is quickly contained. However, hot smoke can billow out from the source of fire and leave behind unpleasant residues on upper walls, oven hoods, inside drawers, as well as on materials in the kitchen. Depending on the pressure in the fire, these residues may be challenging to remove by yourself, with many homeowners relying on professional restoration to get the job done. 

The types of fire damage restoration you need for your West Milford home can be dependent on the type of fire that occurs. In our considerable experience, no two house fires are the same, which makes the restoration process more complicated. There's several things you need to be aware of when conducting smoke damage restoration. Using a one-size-fits-all approach can lead to further damage by spreading smoke around or inadvertently bonding it to surfaces. 

Homeowners should be wary of using wet cleaning products on smoke residues as a first resource. The release of carbon in the form of smoke can lead to a dry residue on surfaces as well as walls and ceilings. The dry ash may not be physically bonded to the surface. However, by applying moisture directly onto dry ash, you may cause bonding on a molecular level. This bonding can make fire restoration tricky to manage. At SERVPRO, we recommend performing light vacuuming of all surfaces before introducing water. Vacuuming can remove dry soot from the surface, making the restoration more efficient. 

Removal of dry soot with vacuuming is an effective, efficient first-step toward restoring your home to a preloss condition. However, it is likely that staining, as well as odor, remains behind after vacuuming. The type of smoke that kitchen fire releases can often be greasy from animal proteins. These areas require more technical knowledge to restore effectively. Often, spraying on oil-based solvents to the affected area using truck-mounted wands can help to dissolve greasy wet-smokes. SERVPRO recommends making use of soaking time to ensure that soils are correctly bonded to solvents before rinsing the affected walls.

Conducting fire restoration yourself can be tricky, and you risk causing further damage. Homeowners can contact SERVPRO of Wayne at (973) 546-4977 for a managed restoration.

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Your Best Guide to Commercial Flood Damage Remediation Success in Wayne

1/26/2020 (Permalink)

university building depiction Flooding can quickly cause a mold infestation in your university setting. Contact SERVPRO to assess the situation and remediate the damage.

Steps for Managing Commercial Flood Damage in a Wayne University 

When flooding happens in a university, taking the right actions when addressing the damage is vital for fast recovery. When the appropriate maintenance personnel and management learn about the incident, they should contact flood restoration experts.

The direct repercussion of commercial flood damage in a Wayne university is the destruction of the structures and the contents of affected buildings. As a result, the university must spend money on repairing or replacing ruined building materials and items. Apart from financial costs, affected buildings can be unsafe. Therefore, it may be necessary to suspend some classes or school functions.

Secondary destruction, like mold growth, may cause health effects to students and the faculty. Floodwaters may bring different debris into the institution of higher learning, including silt, mud, and sewage that not only look unsightly but could also cause unpleasant smells. The water and debris can also create trip, slip, and fall hazards in the institution.

The destruction of both paper and electronic records is another consequence of floodwater intrusion in a university. It can affect vital documents like academic transcripts and admission records. Our SERVPRO team can respond to the flood damage in your university promptly to prevent secondary destruction.

We can assess the facility to determine and address other risks resulting from the flooding incident like electrical hazards, injury risks from falling tiles, ceilings, or other objects, and dangers from ruined materials containing asbestos. Our crew can also determine the extent of the flood damage by inspecting the affected buildings thoroughly. Proper inspection is essential in cleanup and repair work because it helps restorers to trace ruined items and maintain appropriate records of the same.

Our technicians can begin the cleanup process quickly. To make the affected floors more accessible, we can move furniture and equipment to dry areas. We can place plastic sheets under the moved items to protect unaffected areas.

If there is sewage damage, we can perform immediate sewage removal. This is a delicate process because of the harmful microbes that could be present in it. Our team can clean affected hard and non-porous surfaces like walls and floors and then apply disinfectants to the surfaces to destroy bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Our SERVPRO crew can also use drying equipment like air movers and low grain refrigerants to eliminate moisture from affected surfaces. We maintain a balanced drying system, which involves ensuring that the amount of moisture evaporating into the air does not exceed the amount of moisture that is being dehumidified from the air.

When flooding occurs in your learning institution, call SERVPRO of Wayne for efficient flood cleanup. Our emergency helpline is (973) 546-4977. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Steps for Restoring Wood After Fire Damage in Your Wayne Home

1/20/2020 (Permalink)

Kitchen with wood floors Our team has the knowledge and experience to properly restore your Wayne home. Call us any time.

Treating Wood Floors and Affected Items After a Fire In Your Wayne Home

A fire in your Wayne home can ruin many different items and building materials. Soot can destroy wooden things and floors. Cleaning up soot damage on wooden structures and contents can be challenging. Since wood is a naturally porous material, smoke and smells can permeate the surface.

To restore wood, you may need to use aggressive cleaning and deodorization methods. Consulting with SERVPRO restoration technicians to deal with the fire damage in your Wayne residence is therefore essential. We can control the results by pretesting the affected area, using the right cleaning agents, and using the correct dilution rates of cleaning solutions. Our technicians use professional cleaning products and strategies to provide our customers with the best chance of restoring the affected surfaces completely.

Our professional restorers are usually tasked with restoring two types of wood. To remove soot, each kind of wood requires specific procedures and products.

Finished wood

This is wood that is covered in varnish or a sealer. Most kinds of wood furniture like dressers, desks, railings, and tables, among others, are finished wood pieces. To clean up soot on these kinds of surfaces, we can gently work a cleaning agent into the grain of the wood, where it suspends the soils allowing for easy removal.

Unfinished wood

This kind of wood does not have a sealer or varnish, and it can easily sustain damage from smoke smells and staining from soot. Generally, unfinished wood includes structural timber and the inner parts of cabinets and drawers. Unfinished wood is also susceptible to water stains. Therefore, our restorers are careful to prevent such stains during the cleaning and restoration process.

If the fire has ruined your wood flooring, our technicians can try to remove the smoke residues without damaging the floor’s finish. To remove light to moderate residues, we can damp mop the floors using a neutral pH cleaner.

In many cases, it is necessary to seal the surface of the wood, whether it is unfinished or finished, to lock away the odors that remain after using other deodorization methods. We can use sealants to achieve this. Our SERVPRO team applies sealants to the affected surface to encapsulate the remaining odor residues. We offer exceptional workmanship and have all the tools, equipment, and materials that ensure a seamless and smooth restoration.

Where a fire has ruined furniture and other wooden contents or structures in your home, you can trust SERVPRO of Wayne to bring things back to normal. Call us any time at (973) 546-4977 for fire restoration services in West Milford, Pompton Lakes, and Ringwood.

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Seek Help from Experts to Handle Fire Damage in Your West Milford Residence.

1/15/2020 (Permalink)

A hallway with a smoke and fire billowing out from under the doorway. Call SERVPRO so we can quickly help to prevent additional destruction to your West Milford home after fire damage.

Let SERVPRO come in and take over your West Milford fire damage.

One of the worst losses homeowners can experience is losing their home and belongings to a fire. Fire and smoke can damage your possessions and jeopardize the structural integrity of your property. Since fire losses can be severe, it is advisable to start the remediation process quickly to prevent additional destruction to your home.

It is challenging to deal with fire damage in your West Milford residence because you might be distraught and unsure of where to begin. Trying to do the cleanup on your own can be overwhelming. You can hire a professional restoration company like SERVPRO to help you in completing the cleanup tasks. Our Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Technicians (FSRTs) can help you to restore your home to its usual condition.

As you wait for our crew to arrive, you can do a few things, such as gathering items you may need to use in the coming week like clothes, school books, and toys, among others. Some of the things you should avoid doing include:

  • Touching items with bare hands.
  • Cleaning walls, carpets, and upholstery because this can cause more damage.
  • Using electrical appliances before an electrician has examined them.

At SERVPRO, we understand how stressful it can be to deal with a fire loss incident. Therefore, we can work with you and your insurance firm to restore your home quickly. Apart from fixing the ruined property, we also seek to restore comfort and safety for our clients. Some steps we can take to restore your property include:

Understanding the type of fire

It is vital to understand the kind of fire that occurred to choose the right restoration strategy. We can consider if you are dealing with a kitchen, electrical or smoking-related fire, and the materials that burned. The materials which burned affect the aerosols and smoke particles a fire produces. Natural materials like paper, dry wood, natural fibers, and cork usually produce small, powdery, dry, non-smeary residues or dry smoke. Artificial materials like foam rubber, plastics, and similar polymers often produce large, wet, and easily smeared particles of residue or wet smoke.

Removing ruined items

We can remove things that present a safety hazard, such as burned furniture and charred building materials.

Deep cleaning 

Our technicians can deep clean the salvageable materials to eliminate the smoke residues. We can also clean the walls, ceilings, and floors to remove stains.

Deodorizing your home

The smoke odors present in the affected areas may make it necessary to deodorize them so that your residence can be more habitable. Our crew can use odor counteracting beads, air scrubbers, or thermal foggers to eliminate the odors.  

After a fire loss, SERVPRO of Wayne can help. We have the expertise required to deal with fire damage of any magnitude. Call us 24/7 at (973) 546-4977 for fast restoration of your Wayne, Pompton Lakes, or Ringwood home.

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Sophisticated Moisture Detection Used for Pompton Lakes Homes

12/23/2019 (Permalink)

Drywall and wood with water damage. Water will take over your Pompton Lake home, moisture will take over. Let SERVPRO help you.

SERVPRO will always be first in line to assist your Pompton lake home water damage.

Identifying water damage in your Pompton Lakes home might not always be as easy as it seems. While there are many circumstances where dampness and even standing water are in central areas of the house, this does little to indicate the severity of the damage that you cannot see. Because our SERVPRO team devotes our qualified professionals to exceeding the expectations of our customers, we must begin by fully understanding the problems that our professionals face when we first arrive.

Water damage in Pompton Lakes home is not always readily accessible and easily seen. To determine the saturation of porous construction materials, the presence of water in moisture cavities, and the general spread of water loss effects, our team can utilize several tools. Not every moisture detection device is ideal for each situation, and in many pre-job scoping ventures, our project manager uses more than one of these tools.

Moisture Sensors 

These devices can detect moisture and dampness in carpeting and the subflooring/padding. With probes that can pierce into both carpet and padding, these needles can identify the presence of moisture in these areas. The result is a pass/fail test; it does not indicate the severity of dampness.

Infrared Imagery (Thermography) 

Imaging cameras that use infrared can help to show temperature differences that can indicate the presence of moisture. While it is possible to get false positives using this technology, colder areas can often mean moisture pockets that our SERVPRO technicians must focus on drying.

Moisture Meters

Unlike the other devices listed, these tools have gotten designed to identify how saturated specific materials are. These tools can get used as surface detectors or with an attached probe. Penetration can get controlled down to the very tip of the probe, allowing our technicians to gauge dampness through individual layers of the affected material.

These are a few of the cutting-edge detection devices that our SERVPRO of Wayne team uses when we must identify the scope of the water loss work to get done. However we can help, give us a call at (973) 546-4977.

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SERVPRO Provides the Expert Skilled Technicians for Pompton Lakes Flood Damage Restoration

12/22/2019 (Permalink)

advanced air scrubber with a reinforced duct With Advanced Equipment and "Know-How," SERVPRO Provides Cutting Edge Storm Damage Restoration for our Pompton Lakes Customers

Flood Damage Restoration in Pompton Lakes Homes Necessitates the Use of Advanced Technology

The way land is used nowadays has left the landscape less able to accommodate torrential downpour, which increases the risk of flooding and intensifies its impact. Some of these land-use practices include the destruction of natural areas and the increased amounts of asphalt and other impermeable surfaces. Some solutions that local, state and federal governments are implementing to reduce flooding include funding efforts to communicate and map flood risks, funding research and monitoring of flooding and precipitation as well as reducing carbon emissions to limit global warming.

If there is flood damage in your Pompton Lakes home, you may face problems like mold growth, ruined items, and structural damage. Floodwater could contain industrial or agricultural chemicals, or hazardous agents present at hazardous waste sites. Therefore, you need to protect yourself after floodwaters have entered your home. You should assume that any water in flooded areas is unsafe unless the local authorities declare it to be safe. If there is no safe water supply for washing, use water that has been boiled for ten or more minutes, chemically disinfected water, or bottled water. Before entering a flooded area, wear protective clothing to avoid contact with the floodwater.

It is also essential to hire flood restoration experts from SERVPRO to ensure that all the right steps are taken to restore your home to its preloss state, if possible. Our crew can take the following steps to handle the flood damage to make it seem “Like it never even happened.”

Proper inspection

Inspecting a property allows restorers to identify ruined structures and contents and avoid unnecessary rework. We can use pre-defined protocols that facilitate the inspection process and enhance workflow. We can also capture images and videos of the affected areas to document the damage for insurance claims filing procedures.

Proper detection of moisture

Our crew can use moisture detection devices like moisture meters to judge the severity of the damage. We can use the right moisture meter depending on the surfaces we are testing. For example, if we are inspecting for moisture in hardwood flooring, we can use non-penetrating moisture meters to avoid damaging the surface.

Efficient water and moisture removal

Our SERVPRO crew can use modern equipment to remove floodwater and silt from different areas of your home. Good ventilation assists in the drying process. Our Applied Structural Drying Technicians (ASDs) can set up air moving equipment in your property to speed up evaporation and minimize drying time. We can also place dehumidifiers strategically to allow the damp, humid air in the affected areas to be circulated to the equipment and the dry, warm air the units discharge to circulate back into the affected areas. Dehumidifiers provide a continuous source of dry air that enhances the drying process.

Flood damage restoration is a complicated task that involves various procedures to restore normalcy in a home. SERVPRO of Wayne has access to state of the art equipment and the necessary experience to restore your property. Contact us today at (973) 546-4977.