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Commercial restroom with trash can in water on the floor

Paterson Commercial Water Damage Needs Fast Help

When this bathroom had a commercial water damage event that included the presence of sewage, the building needed to close during mitigation for safety. The goal of the SERVPRO techs is to restore the property and get things back to normal as soon as possible.

SERVPRO tech applies antimicrobial treatment to framework

Totowa Water Damage Plus Sewage Needs Biohazard Cleanup

When water damage includes sewage, the need for biohazard protocols during cleaning in Totowa homes is crucial. Sheetrock wicks the water and requires removal as it has no restoration potential. Post-drying, SERVPRO techs treat the framework with antimicrobial application to prep for rebuilding.

Restaurant with fire damage and SERVPRO equipment running

Commercial Fire Damage Includes Water Loss in Wantage Restaurant

It is not uncommon to find water loss along with fire damage as seen in this Wantage eatery. While fire loss mitigation efforts happen, the techs run air scrubbers to capture airborne soot particles while they clean up the residues and restore the restaurant.

SERVPRO tech cleaning basement with fire damage

Fire Damage Cleanup in Clifton

When fire damage hit a basement laundry room, SERVPRO techs were on the scene quickly to clean it up. They have advanced equipment for the removal of both wet and dry smoke residues without marring services. In cases where embedded odors remain, sealants give the room a fresh start.

SERVPRO technicians in personal protective equipment

Safety First in Wayne Water Damage Cleanup

When the water damage in a Wayne home includes sewage, this type of loss falls under the biohazard category and has the potential to make people and pets ill upon contact. To ensure safety for the crew during cleanup, they wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to minimize exposure. 

SERVPRO technician wearing PPE gear during sewage water damage mitigation

Safety First in Paterson Water Damage Cleanup

This basement in Paterson had water damage including sewage. The technicians on-site wore PPE to ensure they did not touch the contaminated water during mitigation. Safety is a big concern in this type of water cleanup and measures such as containment are taken to guard against cross-contamination.

Home after fire damage cleanup with ventilation and air cleaning tubing in place

Improving Air Quality After Fire Damage in Wayne Property

Soot particles can exist smaller than the human eye can see and still bring big odors if they remain on-site as a reminder of the previous fire damage in Wayne properties. Technicians use negative air chambers and other methods assists with the removal of odorous airborne particulate. 

Water Damage – Wayne Offices

Water damage to this Wayne office building was a result of the fire-suppressant sprinkler system malfunctioning. A significant amount of water was laid down on the floor and walls of the pictured hallway. SERVPRO of Wayne routinely provides 24/7 emergency service so we could respond immediately to this disaster. Our industry certified technicians are standing by with trucks already loaded with water damage restoration equipment.

Storm Damage Cleanup In West Milford

Our skilled specialists are standing by 24/7 to respond to your storm damage emergency. We have the expertise, advanced training, and state-of-the-art equipment to restore your West Milford home to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO of Wayne will make it “Like it never even happened.”

Plumbing Leak, Water and Mold Issues, in New Milford

Our technicians can assess the water damage and mold infestations in a New Milford area home and follow the right protocols for full remediation and rebuild. Count on SERVPRO to minimize the demolition, but restore your kitchen to a new look.

SERVPRO Teamwork Makes the Difference

SERVPRO of Wayne's team is comprised of highly trained professionals, living and working here, committed to making the difference for members of our community when disaster strikes homes and businesses.

Commercial Water & Mold Damage Restoration Work, Wayne, NJ

This image show’s one of SERVPRO of Wayne’s technicians working during part of a commercial mold remediation cleanup inside of the building’s tv showroom. The affected hazardous moldy drywall has already been cut out and disposed of prior to cleaning. A negative air fan/scrubber is being set up within the space as part of one of the mold remediation steps.

Commercial Water & Mold Damage Caused by Severe Roof Leaks After Heavy Rains, Wayne, NJ

A large scale water damage and mold remediation restoration project was organized and performed by SERVPRO of Wayne after an occupied commercial building suffered several heavy roof leaks during rain storms, and a pipe leak. Due to previous water damages, mold had already formed throughout the building. Seen in this image is mold formation inside the building’s tv showroom at the beginning stages of the remediation.

Duct Cleaning after Fire, in Hamburg, NJ

These were the tight quarters our technician, Daniel, worked in to clean the duct system at a Hamburg NJ fire.  Our technician is seen here cleaning the main trunk line of this homes ventilation system.

Cleaning Soot and Smoke Residue after a Furnace Puffback in Newton, NJ

Seen here, our technician Daniel is in the process of cleaning soot and smoke residue off of a hard to reach ceiling loft area after the home suffered a serious puffback. The aftermath of a malfunctioning furnace puffback can leave walls, ceilings, carpets, furniture, drapes, and contents coated with a fine film of smoke and sooty streaks, sometimes throughout an entire home.

Cleaning up the mess is not a job for the amateur. SERVPRO of Wayne provides experienced technicians, trained to use specialized equipment, and techniques during the complete removal process of all damaged surfaces.

Smoke Damage Cleaning, in Vernon, NJ

Detail cleaning from a puff-back smoke damage in a Vernon NJ home. A puff-back occurs when a furnace misfires and pushes smoke throughout the house.  The methods and cleaning products used to clean a puff-back are almost identical in cleaning a fire damaged home.

Clean-up of Unexpected Mold Found in a Residential Attic Space, Stockholm, NJ

SERVPRO performed mold remediation work in the 3rd floor space of this residential attic. Heavy cleaning and HEPA-vacuuming of the floor, stud walls, and roof joist systems was thoroughly performed to remediate the mold growth while operating a negative air fan scrubber, with HEPA filtration and negative air exhaust fans, within the space. The affected areas were treated with an antimicrobial agent and 1 coat of an antimicrobial sealer was applied to the stud walls and roof joist system to prevent future mold growth before the rebuild could begin.

Finished Basement Mold Remediation & Rebuild, in North Haledon, NJ

SERVPRO of Wayne Technician working on a basement mold remediation project in North Haledon, which required detailed hepa-vacuuming throughout the many stages of this job’s process. A long-term water softener leak caused significant moisture damage throughout this home’s basement. After visible surface mold began forming on interior doors, sheet rock, and molding, an entire basement mold remediation was necessary to ensure the health and safety of the home’s inhabitants. This included some initial demo work to expose the underlying spaces, and an entire rebuild of the affected areas, after the mold was cleaned, eliminated, and sanitized from the structural surfaces.

Commercial EMS Water Damage Dry-Out in Local School Computer Room, Sparta, NJ

When a frozen pipe broke and caused an unexpected flood in the computer room of a local school, SERVPRO of Wayne was called in during after-hours to respond to the emergency water damage, which soaked the classroom’s carpeting beneath the computer equipment. Our technicians immediately extracted the water from the carpeted floors, applied an anti-microbial agent, and set up air movers with large dehumidifiers to provide 2 days of drying to prevent any mold formation from occurring. Pictured here is the classroom’s wet carpeting during the dry-out process while preparing to reopen the room for class use.

Post Fire Damage Cleanup & Restoration, in Fairlawn, NJ

SERVPRO cleans up and restores this commercial banquet hall after a fire caused heavy smoke and water damage to the building. EMS crews were required to get this cleaned up fast so that scheduled events would not have to be cancelled, and parts of the building could remain open for operations.

Commercial Water Extraction & Dry-out at Elementary School, in Sparta, NJ

SERVPRO of Wayne provided emergency water extraction and dry-out services at this local school after an unexpected flood occurred to prevent the start of fast mold growth. Pictured here is one of the steps in the dry-out process after water extraction.

Drying Out the Floor after Residential Flood, in East Hanover, NJ

SERVPRO of Wayne cleans up and dries out this residential space after a broken hot water heater flooded the home. In this case, the soaking wet non-salvageable floating floors, and underlayment were immediately bagged and disposed of before damaging mold growth could set in, and also possibly affect the walls. An antimicrobial agent was applied to the affected areas, and the appropriate number of air movers and dehumidifiers were immediately set up to dry-out the space.

Setup of Drying Equipment after Residential Flood, in East Hanover, NJ

One of our Emergency EMS Crew Teams quickly responded to clean up and dry-out this residential water flood damage, caused by an unexpected broken hot water heater that leaked water into the home's Dining Room, Living Room, Kitchen, Hallway, Foyer, and Furnace Room.

Emergency Fire Board-Up & Roof Tarping Services, located in Stockholm, NJ

SERVPRO of Wayne boarded up this residential home, for a past job located in Stockholm, and tarped the open roof and wall areas that were severely damaged by a fire. We later also provided services to remove the smoke and soot damages from the ceilings, walls, and other surfaces of this home.

The steps listed below illustrate our process for the “typical” fire damage emergency.

Step 1: Emergency Contact, Step 2: Inspection and Fire Damage Assessment, Step 3: Immediate Board-Up and Roof-Tarp Service, Step 4: Water Removal and Drying (if water damage is present), Step 5: Removal of Smoke and Soot from All Surfaces, Step 6: Cleaning and Sanitizing, Step 7: Restoration

Drylock Paint Application after Basement Mold Remediation, in Hewitt, NJ

After SERVPRO performed mold remediation in the basement due to previous moisture and storm ground water infiltration through the cinder block foundation walls and windows, Drylock paint was applied to the basement walls to prevent any future water or moisture from re-entering the area due to extreme rain storms. In addition, the customer was also advised to have someone install basement window well covers, use a basement dehumidifier, and repair a broken gutter pipe.

Flood Damage in Commercial Building, Wayne, NJ

Flood Damage in this local large scale Commercial Building left a good amount of standing Category 3 unsanitary black water that affected the structure and building contents. This main warehouse room required content manipulation, the removal of furniture, and debris disposal before and during the wet-vacuuming water extraction process. Once the water was removed SERVPRO of Wayne’s cleaning technicians began the extensive mopping, clean-up, and disinfection of all of the floors and 2 foot wall perimeters, before the set-up and monitoring of the drying equipment could be put in place. SERVPRO of Wayne quickly got this room back to preflood conditions so it could reopen for business.

Flood Waters Seep into this Commercial Space, Wayne, NJ

This photo shows the flood water that seeped into this commercial building after a severe storm in Wayne, NJ. SERVPRO of Wayne provides 24 hour Emergency Service for every type of Residential and Commercial Water Related Damage Situation

Post construction Remediation & Cleaning at Elementary School in Rockaway, NJ

SERVPRO remediated and performed a detailed cleaning of construction dust and debris inside the main student areas of a large elementary school. This included the Cafeteria, Entryway, Gymnasium, Instrument Room, and all Common Hallways. SERVPRO technicians have the specialized training and products to get your home or building completely restored, servicing both Commercial and Residential cleaning projects.

Cleaning of School’s Floors in Rockaway, NJ

This image shows the floors in one of the main student areas of an Elementary School after they were cleaned, waxed and polished during a detailed post construction remediation and cleaning job by one of SERVPRO of Wayne’s professional cleaning crews.

SERVPRO clean up continues after pipe bursts at hotel, in Vernon, NJ

This is an example of the drying requirements resulting from a frozen sprinkler head discharge at a Vernon NJ Hotel.  Drying equipment and air scrubbers are seen in place here to ensure a dry, healthful condition is returned for this hotel's occupants.

Commercial Duct Cleaning in Newton, NJ

SERVPRO of Wayne Technician Daniel gets a lift to the top of a local building in Newton while he works on a Commercial HVAC/Duct Emergency Services Cleaning call, which was needed due to an interior mold remediation, rebuild, and clean-up.

Emergency Commercial HVAC/Duct Cleaning in Newton, NJ

Technician works to clean and sanitize a commercial HVAC/Duct System, post construction, due to mold spores that were present in the building before heavily damaged sheet rock was remediated. The mold formed when water leaked into damaged window frame headers.

SERVPRO Sets Up Equipment for HVAC Duct Cleaning in Newton, NJ

SERVPRO of Wayne sets up equipment for the cleaning of this commercial HVAC/Duct System, as part of a mold remediation and construction rebuild. Time was of the essence to get this emergency service called handled quickly so that the occupants could safely go back to work in the building.

Mold Removal in Tight Crawlspace

SERVPRO of Wayne’s technician Daniel performs work in a tight crawlspace area to clean and treat surface mold that formed on the joists of this residential home. Visit our website link to learn more about our mold removal and mold remediation process:

Commercial Ceiling Tile Water Damage Caused by Roof Leaks After Heavy Rains, Wayne, NJ

This image shows water damaged ceiling tiles inside an occupied commercial office building located in Wayne, NJ after heavy rains created roof leaks into the space. The floor and stairwell beneath the area became wet and SERVPRO of Wayne was called out to clean and dry out the carpeted stairs and tile flooring beneath, while the roof was being repaired.

Cleanup and Dry-out of Commercial Office Floors after Heavy Rains Cause Roof Leaks, Wayne, NJ

After heavy rains, SERVPRO of Wayne was called out to cleanup and dry out the carpeted stairs and tile flooring beneath an area where the roof leaked inside this commercial office space so that the heavily traffic area could open back up for operations.

Commercial Duct Cleaning in Newton, NJ

Image of our equipment hook up into duct work. We provide both residential and commercial Air Duct and HVAC cleaning services. This includes retail facilities, education facilities, property management, healthcare facilities, hospitality facilities, food service facilities, and residential homes.

Dry-out to Prevent Mold Growth in Commercial Office Space after Water Damage, Sussex County, NJ

Mold will form fast after a water damage if the affected space is not dried out in a timely manner. This is the beginning stages of a commercial emergency water damage ceiling leak which involves content manipulation, water extraction, removal of unsalvageable wet contents, and the setup, placement, and monitoring of drying equipment.

Immediate Fire Board-Up Services, Stockholm, NJ

SERVPRO of Wayne provided Immediate Board-Up Services for this past residential home fire, located in Stockholm, NJ. Fire damage can often compromise windows, walls, and roofs. To maintain security and to protect against further damage, we can board up missing windows and walls and place tarps on damaged roofs. If you Have Questions About Fire, Smoke, or Soot Damage? Give us a call at 973-546-4911.

Floor Cleaning

The finished floor glows after SERVPRO completes this general cleaning at a Rockaway, NJ school.  Our technicians are trained in the proper care and cleaning techniques for all hard surface flooring.

Installation of New Carpeting After Basement Water Damage, in Totowa, NJ

SERVPRO of Wayne offers rebuild services. Here a technician installs new padding and carpeting in the finished basement of this home, after a water damage occurred due to a hot water heater leak. Although SERVPRO always tries to dry-out, clean, and restore the existing carpet, in this case the carpet was non salvageable.

Emergency Water Extraction of Basement Storm Flood Damage, Pompton Plains, NJ

FASTER TO ANY SIZE DISASTER. SERVPRO of Wayne’s Production Manager, Brian, responding to an Emergency After Hours Service Call for a past Water Storm Damage Flood at a residential basement, located in Pompton Plains, NJ. When a Storm or Flood hits your home or business, and you need help immediately, our highly trained water restoration technicians are available 24-7, prepared with the proper equipment, experience, and specialized restoration techniques to get the job right.

Storm’s Flood Water Damage Carries in Unwanted Silt and Debris, Wayne, NJ

This photo shows the results of the damage that can happen after an unexpected heavy rain storm. After severe weather this building’s lobby was flooded with standing Category 3 hazardous black creek water. After the waters receded the retail space was left with a large amount of unwanted dirt, silt, and debris that would require an extensive amount of clean-up and proper disposal. SERVPRO of Wayne was called in to quickly provide 24-hour EMS Emergency Services for remediation of the entire building, with technicians that are fully trained to safely handle hazardous contaminated materials, and any size disaster.

Flood Damage in Commercial Building, Wayne, NJ

Flood Damage in this local large scale Commercial Building left a good amount of standing Category 3 unsanitary black water that affected the structure and building contents. This main warehouse room required content manipulation, the removal of furniture, and debris disposal before and during the wet-vacuuming water extraction process. Once the water was removed SERVPRO of Wayne’s cleaning technicians began the extensive mopping, clean-up, and disinfection of all of the floors and 2 foot wall perimeters, before the set-up and monitoring of the drying equipment could be put in place. SERVPRO of Wayne quickly got this room back to preflood conditions so it could reopen for business.

Standing Water After Severe Storm Causes Flood Damage in Commercial Building, Wayne, NJ

After severe storm weather, a creek over-flowed and completely flooded the surrounding land and inside of this local large scale Commercial Building. The flood caused an extensive amount of standing Category 3 unsanitary black water that affected the structure and building contents. Once called, SERVPRO of Wayne immediately responded to the emergency situation and started the water extraction and clean-up process once the flood waters started to recede. The process involved the manipulation of contents, debris disposal, and the use of the proper SERVPRO commercial grade pumps and water extraction equipment. During the heavy clean-up and disinfection process, heavy generators, commercial fans, air movers, dehumidifiers, and large scale truck mounted drying systems were put into place to prepare the closed down building for the next renovation step.

Attic Rafter Mold Remediation, in West Milford, NJ

This customer was in the process of selling his home when the required home inspection determined that there was suspect mold growth located on the underside of the attic roof sheathing and rafters. The home sale could not move forward until the suspect contaminates were completely removed and proper clearance by an industrial hygienist was passed. SERVPRO of Wayne needed to work fast to get this home sale back on track after the cause of the problem was fixed. This job required extra heavy Hepa-vacuuming and cleaning of the underside of the roof sheathing and attic joist system, along with the application of an anti-microbial agent. As a visual aid/benefit the customer requested that a white colored seal coat be applied. An anti-microbial fog by a ULV wet fogger was done as a last step to ensure that all of the areas were properly treated.

Drying Framing

SERVPRO equipment drying the sub floor and framing following this Newfoundland NJ commercial water damage.

No water damage is dry and ready for repair until the buildings wood sub structure is dry.

Wayne NJ House Fire Board Up

SERVPRO installs roof, door and window protection by providing Board-up services to this residential fire in Wayne, NJ.

Following the unfortunate circumstances of a fire, and until cleaning and rebuilding can be performed, it is imperative to protect the structure from weather related secondary damages as well as from entry of unauthorized people and the unwary animal.

Mold growth from a water damage

Mold growth begins to form from this untreated residential water damage in Hewitt, NJ.

This is all too common.  A family away from home for a few days when a pipe breaks.  

Mold growth can occur in as little as 72 hours from the introduction of a wet or humid environment.

Saving Wallpaper from a Water Damage

SERVPRO technicians save this expensive wallpaper from damage while drying the carpeting and framing in this West Milford, NJ commercial water damage.

Wall paper is delicately peeled back and taped up so that drying can be completed and the paper reset during rebuild.

Frozen pipes cause extensive structural damage.

The aftermath of multiple frozen pipe breaks in this Boonton, NJ home.

A family away on vacation and a broken pipe make for extensive damage.  SERVPRO technicians removed any building materials which were not salvageable and dried the structure, preparing for rebuild.

Monitoring water damaged walls

SERVPRO monitors drywall for moisture content in this Boonton, NJ home.

Part of every water damage includes daily monitoring to ensure that drying is occurring.  SERVPRO will monitor the moisture content in wet structures as well as the moisture content in the air.

Equipment will only be removed after we ensure complete drying has been accomplished.