Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Commercial restroom with trash can in water on the floor

Paterson Commercial Water Damage Needs Fast Help

When this bathroom had a commercial water damage event that included the presence of sewage, the building needed to close during mitigation for safety. The goal of the SERVPRO techs is to restore the property and get things back to normal as soon as possible.

SERVPRO technicians in personal protective equipment

Safety First in Wayne Water Damage Cleanup

When the water damage in a Wayne home includes sewage, this type of loss falls under the biohazard category and has the potential to make people and pets ill upon contact. To ensure safety for the crew during cleanup, they wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to minimize exposure. 

SERVPRO technician wearing PPE gear during sewage water damage mitigation

Safety First in Paterson Water Damage Cleanup

This basement in Paterson had water damage including sewage. The technicians on-site wore PPE to ensure they did not touch the contaminated water during mitigation. Safety is a big concern in this type of water cleanup and measures such as containment are taken to guard against cross-contamination.

Water Damage – Wayne Offices

Water damage to this Wayne office building was a result of the fire-suppressant sprinkler system malfunctioning. A significant amount of water was laid down on the floor and walls of the pictured hallway. SERVPRO of Wayne routinely provides 24/7 emergency service so we could respond immediately to this disaster. Our industry certified technicians are standing by with trucks already loaded with water damage restoration equipment.

Plumbing Leak, Water and Mold Issues, in New Milford

Our technicians can assess the water damage and mold infestations in a New Milford area home and follow the right protocols for full remediation and rebuild. Count on SERVPRO to minimize the demolition, but restore your kitchen to a new look.

SERVPRO Teamwork Makes the Difference

SERVPRO of Wayne's team is comprised of highly trained professionals, living and working here, committed to making the difference for members of our community when disaster strikes homes and businesses.

Post construction Remediation & Cleaning at Elementary School in Rockaway, NJ

SERVPRO remediated and performed a detailed cleaning of construction dust and debris inside the main student areas of a large elementary school. This included the Cafeteria, Entryway, Gymnasium, Instrument Room, and all Common Hallways. SERVPRO technicians have the specialized training and products to get your home or building completely restored, servicing both Commercial and Residential cleaning projects.

Installation of New Carpeting After Basement Water Damage, in Totowa, NJ

SERVPRO of Wayne offers rebuild services. Here a technician installs new padding and carpeting in the finished basement of this home, after a water damage occurred due to a hot water heater leak. Although SERVPRO always tries to dry-out, clean, and restore the existing carpet, in this case the carpet was non salvageable.

Saving Wallpaper from a Water Damage

SERVPRO technicians save this expensive wallpaper from damage while drying the carpeting and framing in this West Milford, NJ commercial water damage.

Wall paper is delicately peeled back and taped up so that drying can be completed and the paper reset during rebuild.

Monitoring water damaged walls

SERVPRO monitors drywall for moisture content in this Boonton, NJ home.

Part of every water damage includes daily monitoring to ensure that drying is occurring.  SERVPRO will monitor the moisture content in wet structures as well as the moisture content in the air.

Equipment will only be removed after we ensure complete drying has been accomplished.