Water Damage Photo Gallery

Commercial EMS Water Damage Dry-Out in Local School Computer Room, Sparta, NJ

When a frozen pipe broke and caused an unexpected flood in the computer room of a local school, SERVPRO of Wayne was called in during after-hours to respond to the emergency water damage, which soaked the classroom’s carpeting beneath the computer equipment. Our technicians immediately extracted the water from the carpeted floors, applied an anti-microbial agent, and set up air movers with large dehumidifiers to provide 2 days of drying to prevent any mold formation from occurring. Pictured here is the classroom’s wet carpeting during the dry-out process while preparing to reopen the room for class use.

Drying Out the Floor after Residential Flood, in East Hanover, NJ

SERVPRO of Wayne cleans up and dries out this residential space after a broken hot water heater flooded the home. In this case, the soaking wet non-salvageable floating floors, and underlayment were immediately bagged and disposed of before damaging mold growth could set in, and also possibly affect the walls. An antimicrobial agent was applied to the affected areas, and the appropriate number of air movers and dehumidifiers were immediately set up to dry-out the space.

Setup of Drying Equipment after Residential Flood, in East Hanover, NJ

One of our Emergency EMS Crew Teams quickly responded to clean up and dry-out this residential water flood damage, caused by an unexpected broken hot water heater that leaked water into the home's Dining Room, Living Room, Kitchen, Hallway, Foyer, and Furnace Room.

SERVPRO clean up continues after pipe bursts at hotel, in Vernon, NJ

This is an example of the drying requirements resulting from a frozen sprinkler head discharge at a Vernon NJ Hotel.  Drying equipment and air scrubbers are seen in place here to ensure a dry, healthful condition is returned for this hotel's occupants.

Standing Water After Severe Storm Causes Flood Damage in Commercial Building, Wayne, NJ

After severe storm weather, a creek over-flowed and completely flooded the surrounding land and inside of this local large scale Commercial Building. The flood caused an extensive amount of standing Category 3 unsanitary black water that affected the structure and building contents. Once called, SERVPRO of Wayne immediately responded to the emergency situation and started the water extraction and clean-up process once the flood waters started to recede. The process involved the manipulation of contents, debris disposal, and the use of the proper SERVPRO commercial grade pumps and water extraction equipment. During the heavy clean-up and disinfection process, heavy generators, commercial fans, air movers, dehumidifiers, and large scale truck mounted drying systems were put into place to prepare the closed down building for the next renovation step.

Drying Framing

SERVPRO equipment drying the sub floor and framing following this Newfoundland NJ commercial water damage.

No water damage is dry and ready for repair until the buildings wood sub structure is dry.

Frozen pipes cause extensive structural damage.

The aftermath of multiple frozen pipe breaks in this Boonton, NJ home.

A family away on vacation and a broken pipe make for extensive damage.  SERVPRO technicians removed any building materials which were not salvageable and dried the structure, preparing for rebuild.