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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

For Mitigation of Water, Fire, Mold, and Storm Damage to Your Wayne Area Property, Make the Call to SERVPRO

9/29/2019 (Permalink)

Green Air Movers "Floating" a Carpet for Drying Count on SERVPRO for "Floating" a Carpet in Your Wayne Home. We Are a Premier Restoration Company!

Why SERVPRO of Wayne Is a Leading Home Restoration Service Provider for the Community

Running a successful restoration service involves cultivating a roster of service technicians with a broad collective knowledge for fire, water, mold, and storm-related loss incidents. Our owner, John E. Blehl has a career background as a loss adjuster which gives him inside knowledge of how property restoration works and what type of losses are most likely to be sustained in any particular category. Despite that, no two-loss recovery scenarios are the same, so SERVPRO technicians need to be able to use their training on the job and tailor their approach to the unique architecture or incidents in your home. It is our consistent commitment to staying ahead of the curve that has seen us gain a reputation in Wayne as a leading home restoration service.

Microbial growth fungi come in many shapes and sizes. Some molds can pose health risks, others may be unpleasant to smell or look at, but one consistent factor is that these microbes spread quickly without professional remediation. One of the more common types of mold damage found in Wayne properties is Alternaria. Alternaria thrives in areas where dampness naturally occurs. Its outward appearance is textured with green or brown hairs. You may find it in your bathtub, shower or beneath a leaking sink but it can also multiply in properties with water damage.

SERVPRO operates assessment and remediation services for your property that not only clear away evidence of mold growth but also addresses the underlying cause. Since molds spread fast, using professional restorations services in Wayne can give you peace of mind that the issue is not going to cause permanent damages to furnishings, walls or other areas of your home in Wayne. SERVPRO can fix the source of mold, prevent spreading, and clean the affected area to a pre-incident condition.

Removing mold from surfaces requires scrubbing as well as disinfectant cleaning agents. In completing the restoration service thoroughly, you may find discoloration to the surrounding paintwork or interior walls of fittings and finishes. SERVPRO technicians not only clear away soiling but can return to the property to repaint affected areas using anti-microbial paints that discourage mold growth and reduce the likelihood of repeat callouts.

Fire and Smoke Damage
It is common for homeowners with fire damage in their Wayne property to notice odors long after the initial damage is restored. We find that these situations are especially common when a minor fire restoration service is carried out by the homeowner themselves without professional assistance. Smoke odor particles are exceptionally stubborn and stick to walls, ventilation shafts, or reside inside furnishings, slow-releasing over time. Household air fresheners or scented candles can mask an odor but require constant replacement to maintain a clean smell.

SERVPRO include comprehensive odor control as part of our fire restoration service here in Wayne. The primary method of getting rid of a malodor is to remove the particles from home altogether. Our production trailers are stocked with portable air filtration devices for the sole reason of getting smoke odors out of your Wayne home. Air filtration, rather than the masking odor, has the added bonus of removing carcinogens like monoxide from the affected area.

Air filtration devices are also referred to as air scrubbers because they capture unwanted particles and circulate clean air in an indoor space, similar to an air conditioning unit. They consist of a pre-filter, to remove large particles, a carbon filter for gas and a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter to clear microscopic particles. These filtration units are effective against airborne particles only, which is why SERVPRO restoration services incorporate spray-on deodorizers as well as pellets to tackle odors that reside inside furnishings or fabrics.

Storm and Flooding
In Wayne, Large Loss recovery units operated by SERVPRO are usually reserved for violent weather events. These loss scenarios can result in a significant expense for homeowners with costs ranging from $500 up to $10,000 depending on the coverage area. One of the reasons storm damage to your Wayne home is so costly is flooding. Heavy rainfall, broken dams, or road overflow are just a few of the ways that large amounts of water can come rushing into your home. In these situations, the first twenty-four hours are crucial in preventing mold, rotting, and structural losses.

We do not recommend homeowner attempting to restore flooded properties themselves because there is a high risk of personal injury in entering. Weakened structure, contaminated waters, or electrical hazards are all possible in a flood situation. Contact your flood insurance provider immediately and, if you are confident that entering the property is low-risk begin to remove garbage or other debris that might cause further contamination. SERVPRO arrive promptly because we use local technicians who can carry out necessary mitigation procedure in the first twenty-four hours.

The first step for a SERVPRO restorer is to take furnishings or porous materials, including floor coverings, out of the affected area as quickly as possible. Standing water can be pumped out, and extractors brought in to combat the waterlogging issue. Our restoration services can clean and dry appliances to mitigate further loss, but a specialist repair service needs to be brought in to complete restoration of electrical goods. During service, we inventory, photograph, and report items in the home that are damage which can then be passed onto your insurance provider for a stress-free claims process.

Water Damaging Events
A clean water emergency can have a significant impact on the integrity of walls as well as support structures in your home. Standing water exerts significant pressure on the infrastructure of your home. As much as sixty pounds of pressure is exerted per square foot of water. That amount of pressure can harm floors, walls, and structure. Our restoration services take into account potential structural water damage to your Wayne property, and we can dispatch applied structural drying technicians (ASDT) to assess and repair losses. Many of our technicians are IICRC certified as WRT water damage restoration technicians. The Institute for Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification is the industry leader for best practices.

SERVPRO restoration services are dedicated to bringing your home in Wayne back to its preloss condition using our equipment, training and restoration acumen. Removing large quantities of water can be done efficiently with gas-powered pumps and water extraction units, which removes the sustained pressure on the structure of your Wayne home. Porous materials that come into contact with moisture act like a sponge absorbing moisture and expanding; in wooden floors, this can cause cupping, warping, or buckling.

We address high moisture content levels in materials by using desiccant dehumidifiers in combination with moisture meters for monitoring. This equipment allows SERVPRO technicians to reduce the humidity to below 40 grains per pint and draw moisture from porous materials. Regular measurements ensure structural components do not dry out completely and become permanently damaged. Once your home is adequately dry, we can begin the process of sanding out warped or cupped materials and refinishing them to a preloss condition.

SERVPRO of Wayne has a proven track record in performing the correct restoration services after fire, water, mold and storm damages. Contact us at (973) 546-4977 today for that "Like it never even happened," feeling.

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