Recent Before & After Photos

Post Construction Fire Damage Cleanup & Restoration, in Fairlawn, NJ

SERVPRO of Wayne cleans up and restores this commercial banquet hall after a fire caused heavy smoke and water damage to the building. EMS crews were required t... READ MORE

Commercial Water & Mold Damage Caused by Severe Roof Leaks After Heavy Rains, Wayne, NJ

A large scale water damage and mold remediation restoration project was organized and performed by SERVPRO of Wayne after an occupied commercial building suffer... READ MORE

Commercial Cleaning Services in Front Foyer Entryway, Wayne, NJ

Pictured here is one of SERVPRO of Wayne’s technician cleaning up the front foyer entryway in a commercial space.Cleaning and restoring commercial propert... READ MORE

Removal and Treatment of Hazardous Basement Mold Contamination Before New Rebuild, Rutherford, NJ

SERVPRO was called out to remove, clean, and treat hazardous mold contamination, that had formed on the basement sheet rock ceilings and underlying ceilings joi... READ MORE

Detailed Commercial Cleaning of School Buses Due to Vandalism, Wayne, NJ

SERVPRO received an emergency call from the Board of Education that four of their special needs school buses had been vandalized. This set off the C02, creating... READ MORE

Mold Growth Forms within Residential Home, located in Sparta, NJ

SERVPRO of Wayne performed a hazardous demolition and cleanup of mold, which formed on the walls, ceilings, and contents throughout and entire inherited re... READ MORE

Emergency Temporary Roof Tarping Over Missing Shingles Due to Heavy Winds, Riverdale, NJ

After storm damage with heavy winds caused this residential home to lose some roof shingles, SERVPRO was called to come out to the home to provide temporary roo... READ MORE

Cleaning Soot and Smoke Residue after a Furnace Puffback in Newton, NJ

The aftermath of a malfunctioning furnace puffback can leave walls, ceilings, carpets, furniture, drapes, and contents coated with a fine film of smoke and soot... READ MORE

Commercial Showcase Carpet Cleaning & Deodorizing at a Local Library, Stanhope, NJ

SERVPRO of Wayne’s technician, Daniel, performs a Commercial Showcase Premier Carpet Cleaning Service, the most thorough cleaning method in the industry, ... READ MORE

Attic Smoke Damage From Fire

SERVPRO was able to clean the smoke damage in this attic resulting from a kitchen fire.