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Post Construction Fire Damage Cleanup & Restoration, in Fairlawn, NJ

SERVPRO of Wayne cleans up and restores this commercial banquet hall after a fire caused heavy smoke and water damage to the building. EMS crews were required t... READ MORE

Commercial Water & Mold Damage Caused by Severe Roof Leaks After Heavy Rains, Wayne, NJ

A large scale water damage and mold remediation restoration project was organized and performed by SERVPRO of Wayne after an occupied commercial building suffer... READ MORE

Cleaning Soot and Smoke Residue after a Furnace Puffback in Newton, NJ

The aftermath of a malfunctioning furnace puffback can leave walls, ceilings, carpets, furniture, drapes, and contents coated with a fine film of smoke and soot... READ MORE

SERVPRO Responds to Flood Damage at Local Commercial Resort Hotel, in Vernon, NJ

When an unexpected water main break resulting from a burst frozen sprinkler pipe caused a significant amount of water damage inside a local resort hotel, SERVPR... READ MORE

SERVPRO Technician Performs a Residential Duct Cleaning Service in Wayne, NJ

Ventilation systems are often the biggest culprit in poor indoor air quality. Make it a priority to inspect the duct work of your home or business. If... READ MORE

Emergency Flood Due to Unexpected Hot Water Heater Leak, in Totowa, NJ

SERVPRO of Wayne was able to save and restore this homeowner’s water soaked carpeting after their hot water heater caused an unexpected leak into their fi... READ MORE

Commercial EMS Water Damage Dry-Out in Local School Computer Room, Sparta, NJ

When a frozen pipe broke and caused an unexpected flood in the computer room of a local school, SERVPRO of Wayne was called in during after-hours to respond to ... READ MORE

Commercial Showcase Carpet Cleaning & Deodorizing at a Local Library, Stanhope, NJ

SERVPRO of Wayne’s technician, Daniel, performs a Commercial Showcase Premier Carpet Cleaning Service, the most thorough cleaning method in the industry, ... READ MORE

Post Construction Cleaning of School Entryway in Rockaway, NJ

Our team remediated and performed a detailed cleaning of construction dust and debris in the entryway of this Elementary School. All horizontal surfaces and flo... READ MORE

Attic Smoke Damage From Fire

SERVPRO was able to clean the smoke damage in this attic resulting from a kitchen fire.